Park Trent Educational Property Seminar All About Australian Property Market

What to know where to get all the information about investment property? Invest at least a small amount of your time at Park Trent’s Free Educational Property Seminar and get enormous information before you invest in any Australian property. You will soon realize that your future goals can be brighter with the property industry.

This is practically ideal for those who are newbie to Australian property market as well to those who are interested in investing in property in Australia. If they do not know where and how to become successful in the Australian property market it is best to know the Park Trent Group, attend this free seminar event and know what solutions that can provide you.

Register for this event which will be happening on April 9, 2014 at Parramatta, NSW. Learn from the speakers with expertise and experience in property investment. They will provide you with the latest information and innovative methods that will help you decide to investing property.

If you spare at least a little amount of your time in this FREE seminar you will learn:

  1. All the current market news
  2. How to legally reduce income tax
  3. How to use superannuation to invest
  4. How to use a debt to create wealth
  5. Avail and apply government incentives up to $100,000

Other topics include in the event are:

  • Latest market news and how you can benefit
  • Utilise your Superannuation to invest in property (SMSF)
  • Legally reduce your income tax
  • Learn about the ParkTrent Security Plan
  • How do I use debt to create wealth?
  • Generous Government incentives over $100,000

The Park Trent Group

The Park, Trent Properties Group Pty. Ltd is an Australian owned and run by a group of related companies. They offer a full suite of Australian property services and solutions including from property investment, real estate, financing, property management and so much more. The group has been established for over 20 years and has different 9 offices in Australia. They also have two international offices and joint venture operations in New Zealand, China, Dubai, India and UK.

The Park, Trent Group is a well established company for real estate and property investment in Australia. The group offer the following services and solutions:

Park Trent Property Investment

They specialize in Australian property investment with a range of services from depreciation schedules and migration services to overseas investors.

ParkTrent Real Estate
They  specialize in Real Estate sales and purchasing of residential property for the home owner and investor.

ParkTrent Property Management
They manage all ongoing services related to property investment and rental property management.

EasyPlan Financial Services
They offer Brokerage for home loans for first time buyers through to investors, refinancing, insurance and more.

Light refreshments will be served at the end of the seminar. The opportunity to invest is waiting for you!

Reserve your seat today and attend this information packed seminar. Learn all you need to know about property investment.

Go here to register and reserve your slot now.


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