Paul Blackburn Biography

Paul Blackburn is the founder and owner of Beyond Success which aims at helping people develop their personality to be successful in life. Paul Blackburn started his carrier as a teacher in a High school in Australia. However, the pay was not well paid so he decided to open a company that can help people understand where they are lacking to be a successful person in life. With his experience in teaching, Paul Blackburn has attended many seminars as a guest speaker where he has discussed about the how to change your personality to succeed in life.

He is an experienced teacher and taught in Australia, New Zealand, Britain and US. By 1974, when Paul Blackburn was a High school teacher in western Sydney where he met  his now wife Mary Blackburn and they got married. After getting married they realized that with the small amount of salary, they cannot think of starting their family, so they decided to do something differently which can not only give them monetary benefits but can also help people to succeed in life. Paul Blackburn was a thinker and with his experience in the teaching he convinced Mary to open a website through which they can teach people a new way of living and earning.

After his marriage, Paul Blackburn quit the teaching job and tried to pursue a sales carrier, after some time he realized that he is a better teacher than a salesman. He had faced a tough time during these days. At the same time Paul Blackburn and Mary were attempting to start a family and they were really upset because there was no success. While all these were going on Paul Blackburn’s life he was dragged towards the depression, luckily he found a book named ‘you can think your way of success’ which changed his life completely.

After reading that book, Paul Blackburn advised his flat mate to read the book, which was destroyed by his dog. However, on the curtsy note the flat mate has bought him a new book in which he found the brochure for the personal development course. This course really helped him to come out of the depression face, after doing that course Paul Blackburn knew what he want do in his carrier and what he wants from his life. According to Mary Paul Blackburn after spending a weekend for that course she got his fun loving husband back and now he was more focused about the life as he knew what he wanted to do in his life.

After the completion of the course Paul Blackburn and Mary Blackburn decided to help people in changing their life by personal development that can change the world. They were blessed by a first child in 1986 and ever since their carrier and life changed drastically. With the influence of Radio and television, beyond success was able to attract more and more people. In the meantime, Paul Blackburn also published his book on personal development that was sold out well.

In 2003, Paul Blackburn was diagnosed cancer and was told that he has 3 years to live. However, Paul Blackburn fought with the disease and recovered well and in less time he was as fit as he was earlier. During 2003, Paul Blackburn had decided to change the way of working, they decided to be a product oriented instead of being the service oriented company and they started creating CD’s and DVD’s from which people can do self-study on personal development.

Paul Blackburn has proved that is a fighter and a dreamer.

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