Paul Clitheroe AM – No Nonsense Advice To Making You Wealthy!

Paul Clitheroe AM needs no introduction when it comes to personal financing and wealth creation. When Clitheroe takes to the podium, even skeptics in his audience come away learning something new. It’s no wonder then that he often speaks to crowded venues and rooms packed to the seams!

But is Clitheroe’s advice really relevant in today’s economy? Can ordinary Australian’s listen to him and create wealth? Does he have the right credentials to command our attention?

Is Clitheroe Credible?

Paul Clitheroe AM knows a lot about creating wealth and then hanging on to it, even growing it with time. Just one measure of his popularity is the fact that 1+ million readers have visited the Understanding Money website or have requested a hard copy of his workbook. But that’s not his only claim to fame:

  • Paul Clitheroe AM heads a company that manages over $16B is client assets
  • He has a sparkling reputation as a leading financial commentator
  • He has built a huge audience of loyal readers and listeners from his association with the Chanel 9 program, Money, and Money Magazine
  • His uncanny ability to demystify complex financial problems into simple, easy to understand constructs has lead to millions of copies of his books being sold
  • In 2012 the Federal Government invited Clitheroe to participate as a Committee member of the 2020 Summit of the Future of the Australian Economy

With credentials as impeccable as those, Clitheroe’s credibility cannot be questioned! He not only has the knowledge and experience behind him, but also has the force of audience numbers to back him.

Making It All Look Simple!

Attendees to a Paul Clitheroe AM speaking event, or audiences watching his shows on TV or reading his publications, love his knack of communicating the hard truths about personal finance and creating and preserving wealth. For instance, who can argue with one of his oft published quotes:

“There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I’m almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn”

It is precisely that ability that endears Clitheroe to such a vast audience whenever he takes to the podium, the airwaves or the internet!

The Basics Of Wealth Creation

With many years of anchoring money shows on TV and writing about wealth creation, Paul Clitheroe AM is someone that audiences can trust when it comes to making money.  His talk shows and speaking events take a no nonsense approach to building and enhancing wealth. Even his books are a sellout – with over 600,000 copies sold globally!

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