Peter Johnson – Does He Really Know Our Economy? Plus: FREE Gift For You!

Peter Johnson is a well known figure at various governmental and corporate speaking engagements. His repertoire of speaking subjects range from Monetary Policies, to Wealth Building, to Marketplace Economics, to Capitalism. But judging from the state of global economies and the difficult economic situation closer to home, one could be forgiven if they asked: Do Johnson and his colleagues really “know their stuff”? Is it truly worth listening to one of his talks?

Australians struggling to make ends meet are eager to know who Johnson really is, and what credentials does he have to speak with authority on the economy, business, finance and wealth building. Let’s peek under the hoods to answer some of those questions.

Can A Banker Really Save Us?

Peter Johnson is a banker at heart. And Australians that have survived (some barely!) the recent global economic meltdown know well that it was initiated by bankers, and Johnson comes from their ranks. But unlike many of his global peers, Johnson has a solid reputation to his credit.

  • With over 16 years as an economist with the Reserve Bank of Australia, Peter Johnson has developed a strong insight into fiscal and monetary policy that few Australian’s possess
  • His service on the boards of countless for-profit and non-profit corporations from across a broad swath of  the economy grounds his views to reality and not the abstract that academics are used to
  • His real-world experiences in the private financial sector have shaped his views on the economy in ways that senior corporate officials and bureaucrats can’t fathom

It is this kind of experience, which typical bankers don’t come equipped with, that makes this particular banker worth listening to when he takes the podium. His views can save the economy!

Communicating The Good And The Bad News!

Coupled with his illustrious career Peter Johnson has an uncanny gift of clear and succinct communication that most speakers only acquire after many years on the lecture circuit. His ability to speak with ease to corporate stewards as well to ordinary Australians when articulating complex subjects is what endears him to his audience.

Some of the research papers and publications that Peter Johnson has produced, including Our Current Inflationary Experience (1973), On the Edge of Chaos (1990s), Letter to Prime Minister on Unemployment (1998), A Blizzard of Blame (2001) and Slash tax to secure prosperity (2002) clearly show that he is very much in touch with issues that matter to ordinary Australians.

Leveraging the economy

Peter Johnson knows the economy well, and is able to not only advise government functionaries on it but also boards of large corporations and high-powered think tanks. For ordinary Australians that want to leverage our economy and profit from it though, Stuart Zadel’s book Think and Grow Rich is an excellent resource.  And you can receive a FREE hardcopy of this publication today simply by asking for it.


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