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Does what Peter Sheahan do really work? Can someone take a bunch of workers, put them into a room, talk to them for a few hours, and then expect them to go out in the world as changed individuals? Is behavioural change really all that it is hyped up to be, or is it just a smoke screen used by workshop organizers and speaking engagement planners to rake up big bucks?

Let’s take a look and review this fist growing phenomena honestly through an unbiased lens.

The Man Behind The Thought!

So who is Sheahan and is what he does really valuable?

  • Peter Sheahan was inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame In July 2012
  • He is the recipient of the lifetime achievement award for speaking excellence from the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE)
  • His more than 2,000 presentations have been witnessed by over 300,000 individuals in 15 countries
  • He also holds the honor of being named to the ranks of 25 Hottest New Speakers in America and 25 Most Influential Speakers active on the speaking circuit today

With credentials like that, it is no wonder that Peter Sheahan boasts of a client list that includes companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Pizza Hut, BP, CISCO, HarperCollins, KFC, Gartner, IBM, Microsoft, Loreal, Qantas, Sony, HP and many others. Clearly if what Sheahan offers had no value, blue chip corporations such as these would never have embraced him!

Is This Really Science?

Behavior modification is a well known fact. Anyone denying it is not keeping abreast with modern science. Even psychologists and psychiatrists acknowledge it as a mainstream tool. The difference is that Peter Sheahan isn’t using this science to “cure” anything. Instead, his focus is on informing his audience of weaknesses in their behavior patterns and suggesting tools and techniques to redress those shortfalls.

The motivational and inspirational industry has recognized behavioral change as something that is based on scientific principles. It is because of this fact that they have given Sheahan the peer-recognition that he has received. And as someone that speaks with and advises senior business leadership across the globe, Peter Sheahan is also well respected by his clients as someone that delivers relevant, real-life inspiration based on scientific proof – not the smoke screen that critics believe it is.

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