Positive Real Estate Property Investor Nights Event

Planning to invest in real estate in Australia but don’t know what would be best for your budget and needs? Let Positive Real Estate help you out on this with their Property Investor Nights.

Who Can Help?

The Positive Real Estate is one of Australia’s leading real estate investing agency that have been helping Australians on how to build security and wealth through investing in property. Sam Saggers and Jason Whitton are both renowned for securing the most profitable investment properties in Australia and they are widely recognized as one of the industry leaders in real estate investing.

They have been delivering free property investing advice for over 10 years now and have helped a lot of investors in the country. They are one of Australia’s premium investment education provider with the industries renownedproperty professionals. So how they can help you?

You don’t need to be a genius to know the depths of property investing. Join their Property Investor Nights and get loads of information and advices that you need to know when investing in property is your concern. Learn from two professional investors that will teach you everything that you need to know when it comes to building a profitable property portfolio in Australia. Meet the coaches and get everything you need to know.

Meet The Property Investor Coaches

Jason Whitton, the founder of Positive Real Estate alongsude his business partner and property tycoon Sam Saggers would share their knowledge on property investment.

Learn from the two experts, Jason Whitton Founder of Positive Real Estate who will discuss on, How to Pay Your Home Loan Off In 6 years by investing in two properties and Sam Saggers CEO of Positive Real Estate who will discuss on, How to Double Your Property Value in 3 Years NOT 10!

Learn from them on how you can achieve your financial goals that are proven and tested strategies for many years. This free short property mentoring workshop willteach every investor what are the things they need to know before purchasing a property in Australia.

Avail The Free Guest Pass

Wait! Here’s more, they are giving you special offer so you can attend the Property Investor Nights and receive a guest pass to this amazing mentoring workshop.

To find out the next schedule in your area and claim this free guess pass, please Click Here and Book for a free seat now!  For more inquiries you may also call 1300-365-886.

Be there now and attend the mentoring program of Positive Real Estate for free! This is a limited chance for you to get rich and stable.

If in case you are not able to avail the guess pass, you can opt to start reading a separate property book for FREE instead. This will coach you so many things about investing and ways to get rich too. By reading this, you will find out more stuff on property investment in Australia. This will give you a whole heap of information and knowledge that you need to know if you are interested with the Australian real estate market.

The book already helped a lot of property investors and this time it could be you. Take time to read and know more about investing in the Australian property industry. Get a copy now.

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