Should I Be Posting My Work Onto Other Forums As Well?

Should I Be Posting My Work Onto Other Forums As Well?


This really brings up the point of duplicate content, and the short answer for duplicate content is: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE?


– How are you benefiting anyone by copying the same article to a forum?

– What is your reason for doing so? (Because if it’s that you are trying to get ‘backlinks for SEO’ to manipulate the search engines that is definitely stepping down the wrong road)


If it was a pertinent piece and a forum that you regularly interacted with, why can’t you just post a thread on the forum and describe a short description of what the article is about and then link to the original article already online?


Remember, pretty much all forums have massive black marks against them when it comes to Google and SEO.


And also, forums are there to be a forum, not a dumping ground for content. If you signup to forums and are new there and really just slam content for advertising, backlinks or whatever purpose – not only is it bad form – but the forum owners and/or moderators don’t like it at all.


Don’t get me wrong though, if it’s a real forum that you legitimately are a member of and regularly interact there, and the information in your piece is relevant or you want to share it, by all means go for it.


As goes with pretty much everything on the Internet (and in life)… if you are doing something to try to trick someone because you think it will get a specific outcome that will be positive for you, that’s a big warning sign not to do it.


If you are doing a completely normal and acceptable thing, well it’s completely normal and acceptable and I’m sure everyone will be fine with it.


Remember the purpose of a forum. It’s a forum…


If you want to post your work online so that its more accessible to people, there are plenty of places you can do that which are completely designed for that. A forum isn’t a blog or a display case for your work, it’s a place where people can exchange ideas.


If you want an extra blog, or a jazzed up ‘Web2.0’ property to act as a medium for display or advertising, then go to the appropriate place. Start with Tumblr or Squidoo… But really, your best place to be putting your content is on your own website so you can build that up.


So if you really want to post to a forum, yes you can post so but not the same as what you have already posted in any of your websites or in anywhere online because that would be doing duplicate work and that is not good for SEO or search engines, for others it could be considered a crime, for crying out loud.


Words are easy to say, easy to think about and easy to connect, so why duplicate? Just make another comment or article to complete your forum posting. Just be real on what you post and you will soon be reaping what you have done good. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? So just post away but do not ever duplicate your work just for the sake of back linking or whatever.


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