Are There Other Press Sights To Publish On?

Are There Other Press Sights To Publish On?


I’m not too sure what you mean by press sights. I’m guessing you mean WordPress Sites?


Are you asking if I have other WordPress Sites for you to post on, or if there are other WordPress Sites in general?


Because did you know like 86% of websites online are WordPress Websites…




I do have other sites, they are all WordPress, but they are different niches etc.


If you want to post YOUR articles on other sites, you can simply go to and signupfor an account and they’ll host your blog.


BUT, I did just email you through instructions how to setup your own, and I’d recommend you do that because what we can do is setup a feed aggregator that automatically copies the articles you post to to your site


It’s all OK with duplicate content and that because we’ll setup Authorship. Essentially Google is smart enough to know that you are the author of the article and are authoring it on both sites.


This is a really nifty way to start building up your own site while still enjoying the increased traffic benefits, SEO and authority exposure by posting your articles on


Plus you’ll start to pick up heaps of backlinks from WCS which are really strong, and that will in fact help anything on rank in google too, starting to get more traffic directly to your own site.


So, essentially, writing an article and posting it on other wordpress sites or any other web site is a pretty okay thing to do. That is as long as you are doing an authorship to both sites and that is if the content you are posting is the same or is duplicated. But if the content is unique, and you just want to build links or back links to it, then you can do that too.

Posting another unique content to another wordpress site is completely okay, actually, it boosts the traffic of the site too. So creating a content and posting it to another wordpress site AND putting your other website link to it IS perfect to do because it creates back links, boosts the traffic, and you are not duplicating any content at all. It’s like sharing a fully unique content and just sharing your knowledge to people who needs it, just like how I am sharing my knowledge to you. Remember, your article should be easy to remember. It should be unique.


If you want to access more learnings and resources that I have compiled, you can do so, actually you are welcome to. You already have the internet domination course and you can really make use of that. But if you want to know more, I will give you more.


So really, if you want to know more about the tips and tricks on how to make articles and post it on other wordpress sites or any site at all, just click this link and watch and download my free video that I made about a lot of topics like website development, how to create a basic blog, how to do SEO, how to make articles, etc. Click here to access the free video.

If you have any issues with the video, feel free to comment below so I can further help you.

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