Can I Promote Multiple Affiliate Links And Pages On One Article?

Can I Promote Multiple Affiliate Links And Pages On One Article?


If you like. Essentially you can do whatever you want. Something to think about though is that if you give the reader too many options for too many things sometimes they can get confused and don’t do anything.


It’s far more effective from a business and profitability perspective to have a single core outcome for the article, and to focus everything in on achieving that. Essentially you want to direct and lead the reader down a path and have them take the action that you want.


Having multiple links, especially affiliate links tends to devalue the article both in the human readers eye and in the eyes of Google. This is definitely even truer if the offers are totally separate things (i.e., 1 is massage cream and 2 is a home loan product or something).


It would be far better, probably a lot easier, and you’d make more money by simply having two articles. Each of them targeting a specific topic and driving the reader to just 1 of the affiliate links.




In the answer above I assumed you meant the two affiliate links where for different products and vendors.


On the other hand, if you are just promoting 1 affiliate product, the same product, sure it’s ok to have the link to it twice in the article. Like once around the middle and another at the end. So long as they both hyperlink to the same URL.


Also you brought up pages,


Which I’m guessing you mean internal pages of the site you are on, such as other articles you have read. That is a little bit ok because the visitor is remaining on the same domain (your site). But you’re kind of pushing the envelope a bit.


Remember that the more links you have to more stuff –if its sales pages or even if it’s just normal other article pages – , the LESS people click on them, and the LESS that article/page will rank in google (because it’s leaking its SEO juice out so many links)

So, essentially you get the point. You can use multiple affiliate links as long as you are promoting the same thing or maybe a connected thing. A massage cream and a loan product is definitely a no-no. It’s two very different things to put in a single page or single article.

Also, you need appropriateness to your audience. You need to be consistent and not playing on two or three different fields. They might think you are not as expert as how you pose yourself to be because you are kind of doing a lot of things in one time. An accountant will not be as expert as an engineer, if you know what I mean. So you better have a think about what you will really promote on your website.

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