Proof Affiliate Marketing Programs Do Work If You Do Them In This Way

Proof: Affiliate Marketing Programs Do Work If You Do Them In This Way


There is a lot of controversy around if affiliate marketing and affiliate programs work or not. To answer your question, YES, they do work… but only if you do them in this special way described…


Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Programs Work


It’s a fact. Want proof? Look in my mirror every morning when I’m standing in front of my mirror looking at myself…


Or just take a look at the thousands upon thousands of people, men and woman alike, from all countries around the globe that successfully make plenty of money from various affiliate marketing and affiliate programs here there and everywhere.


All doubt has been removed. Now all that is left is to get affiliate marketing programs to work for YOU.


The Shocking Truth About Affiliate Programs


Here’s the low-down on the subject. The affiliate program that you choose seriously matters. Like a TONNE. The vendor, program, associate program… whatever you want to call it; this can make or break you.


To be honest, the whole thing about affiliate programs ‘ripping people off’ and ‘not paying commissions’… I’ve never once ran into anything like that. And I’ve been doing this for over 5 years.


Tracking… Hmm… Yeah I definitely reckon some affiliate programs track links better than others. But there isn’t really any way to prove or disprove the truth, so I lump the whole issue under conversions: How much money do I make for sending through XYZ amount of targeted traffic.


Shortcuts For Finding The Affiliate Marketing And Affiliate Programs That Actually Work


And that is really the issue at hand here; Conversion of Traffic. If you send 1000 visitors to a particular affiliate marketing funnel – whether it be their optin page, sales page, website or whatever I don’t care. For that 1000 visitors how many sales were made and how much money do you get?


If you send that same 1000 visitors to a different affiliate program funnel/website/whatever (which is as easy as changing over the hyperlink)… how many sales were made and how much money do you get?


The Minimalist Guide To Affiliate Marketing Programs That Work


That’s about it when it comes to finding the right affiliate marketing program that actually works. Sooner or later you’re going to realise which are converting to good money and actually paying you, and which ones just suck up 1000 visitors like a black hole and spit nothing out.


Go with the former! You’ll make more cash.


Things Internet Marketers Don’t Tell You About How To Get Affiliate Marketing Programs To Work


Then there’s the next issue of the QUALITY of traffic. If you are sending dodgy ass crappy traffic to an affiliate marketing sales funnel and it’s not converting, it may not be the program it may be YOU and YOUR TRAFFIC.


So don’t be too fast to point fingers and cry and complain.


Your job as an affiliate is to generate traffic into the affiliate program. They’re providing the website, pages, sales funnel, products, followup, payment processing, payouts etc etc. They’re taking huge load off your shoulders ESPECIALLY if you are just starting out online (which chances are you are because you are doing affiliate marketing)


But most flashy Internet Marketers won’t tell you this. They pretend traffic is just traffic (which is just one more reason why most of their stats, pictures, and all that stuff are bull-poopie… I’m not saying they’re fake and they photoshopped fake info, all I’m saying is that data and numbers and graphs are often manipulated in the way they are presented in order to make the guy that’s selling the stuff look better)


7 Warning Signs That Your Affiliate Program Is Doomed To Failure


1 – You aint making no money

2 – They’re website goes down, for any length of time, ever…

3 – They don’t provide you tracking/analytics

4 – They don’t provide you any supporting marketing material, like banner ads or pre-written emails

5 – They run their company out of some weird-ass country that’s shady as!

6 – They’re sales funnel, sales copy and sales pages are extremely hyped-up

7 – You ain’t making no damn money!


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