Property Investing Event With Michael Yardney and Ken Raiss

Ever ask yourself how making profit from the property in 2014? If you are just getting started to invest or learning yourself how to maximize profit from the property, the Property Investing Event with Michael Yardney and Ken Raiss is the right answer for this.

Attend this amazing event, where property markets in Australia will offer amazing opportunities for people who are looking to develop their financial freedom by investing in property. This is the right time to learn all about this by attending this property wave event in Australia.

Join us in this 1 Day training & let a group of Australia’s leading experts show you how to create a plan to become financially free through property investment. Learn all from the property experts, like Michael Yardney, the CEO Metropole Property Strategiests, and Ken Raiss, the Director of Chan and Naylor Accountants.

What you will discover in this one dayevent? If you join, you will be learning a wide curriculum.

Michael Yardney will discuss the following topics,

  • Why the traditional buy and hold strategy just won’t work in the foreseeable future
  • Why this property cycle is likely to be different to previous cycle and why in the next few years the property markets won’t be anything like the past
  • The major factor that really drives property prices – it’s not location, affordability or what most people think?
  • What will happen to the property market in each State and where the best property opportunities will be in the next few years
  • How many properties you really need to retire
  • The cycle of a typical property investors and what this means for you
  • The real difference between an amateur and a professional property investor
  • A bit about getting started in property renovations or development.
  • My new updated strategy that replaces my older living off equity model
  • What’s really going on with the economy and our property markets?
  • What surprises you should look out for?
  • What strategies will work in this new market place and just as importantly won’t?
  • Why you should ignore the commonly quoted property statistics and what you should be watching carefully.
  • What you need to do differently at this stage of the property market.

Ken Raiss will discuss the following topics:

  • How to structure your property purchases to protect your assets and legally save tax
  • What the fuss about Self Managed Superannuation Funds is all about
  • Whose name should you use to take finance or does it really matter?
  • Different ways to set up JV partnerships and ownership.
  • How the wrong use of trusts can cost you dearly.
  • Learn how to leverage the money in your SMSF to buy property to get a much bigger return with the use of a geared strategy into direct property.
  • Tax tips that you wish you had been told earlier.
  • Efficient use of estate planning and asset protection
  • How to pass your assets to your children without the fear of fosing it to their spouse in the event of their divorce or paying more tax than you have to
  • The strategies and techniques that the rich use to legally minimise stamp duty, capital gains tax, land tax.
  • How to buy and sell properties and pay no tax. When one transfers from accumulation to retirement one must have the property in the right structure to avoid the tax and costs that accompanies this transition.

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