Property Investment Seminar Australia With Greg Morris

Planning to invest in real estate, particularly in this side of Australia?

Well then, my advice is…do not invest yet until you attend this seminar for free with Greg Morris.

The industry leader in property investment will reveal for the first time what big time developers and banks do not know yet.

What awaits you in Property Investment Seminars Australia?

If you attend the said seminar you will know:

  1. The 7 Strategies To Consistently Purchase Properties At True Wholesale Prices
  2. The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Cause More Than 90% Of Investors To Fail
  3. How To Beat The Banks
  4. Property Myths, Misconceptions & Lies
  5. How To Buy Cash Flow Positive Property From Day One
  6. Predict Next Year’s Top Performing Suburbs Today
  7. How To Profit From This Insider Knowledge

Who Can Give You All Of These?

Listen to Greg Morris and learn everything you need to know from hi in this seminar. Who is Greg Morris? He has more than 17 years of experience in the property industry and already worked with the biggest names in the business. His Equity Now program is packed with all the information and strategies that will teach you the real world. It has been used by most of the successful people in the property industry. These are not based on hype or untested theories, but base from his successful experiences. This is the same strategy that he used when he was able to purchase $320 million worth of wholesale property for his clients for the last 3 years. He even shares the latest Smart Property Investment that really works.

Meet Greg Morris in person. He is one of the successful property industry professional with almost 20 years of experience in Real Estate and Financial Service Industries. The said event is just perfect for first time home buyers, first time investors, Sophisticated Investors, Time Poor Investors and Anyone Wanting To Know What Their Options.

Attend this event with these following dates and venues:

Wednesday, Oct 30th
6:30 PM Registration
7 PM Start
Duration: 90 Minutes
Sofitel Brisbane
249 Turbot St
Brisbane QLD 4000

Thursday, Nov 7th
6:30 PM Registration
7 PM Start
Duration: 90 Minutes
Level 9, Corporate Centre 2
1 Corporate Court,
Bundall Qld 4217

Once you join the said even you will soon realize that it is never the right time to buy property at normal retail prices.

But the seats are limited. Book and register now to attend this special event. You will also receive the popular ebook entitled, “7 Ways To Buy Property At True Wholesale Prices & Instantly Pocket Up To $100,000 In Equity Now!”, which will be emailed to you immediately.

For more information on the said event, just go here.

If in case you are not able to contact him or register, why not start reading a book for FREE? This will coach you so many things about investing and how to get rich too. You will know more stuff on property investment in Australia. This will give you all the information and knowledge that you need to know if you are interested with the Australian real estate market.

The book already helped a lot of property investors and this time it could be you. Take time to read and know more about investing in the Australian property industry. Get a copy now.


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