Property Investor Nights By The Positive Real Estate

At Property Investor Nights you will soon discover what it takes to become successful in Australian property market. This free short property course will teach every investor what they need to know before buying an Australian property. All the information that will be provided by the renowned experts that have already proven experience in Australian property market.

What if there’s a team of property experts that could show you how to:

Pay Your Home Off Fast in Less than 6 years

Reduce your taxes to zero

Replace your Income and Set Up Yourself for life

Have Passive Income of $100K a year and retire early

Own $3,000,000 of Real Estate and Be Debt Free

Know the Market that are hot and not

Would you want to change your life now? Then let the group show it to you. Who are these experts?

The Positive Real Estate Team

The team is from the Positive Real Estate. They have been delivering a free property investing advice for almost 10 years now. The team, recognizes the importance of knowing your numbers if you consider aninvestment opportunity. They provide a comprehensive property summary kit that contains data such as rental assessments, expenses, occupancy, rates, cash flow analysis, capital growth statistics and a lot more.

They are the leading real estate investing agency in Australia helps the community through property investing. The CEO Sam Saggers and Founder Jason Whitton are known to be successful in securing some of the safest and profitable investment properties in Australia. They are widely recognized as industry leaders when it comes to real estate investing.

The Speakers for the Big Event

Meet Duncan Buchanan the mentoring head coach in Brisbane. He is into investing in property since 1992 and holds various property portfolios in the country. He now runs the Lifetime Mentoring program that offerscoaching and support for clients in QLD and NT.

You will also meet David Neradil, the mentoring coach in Gold Coast. He is active in real estate investing for 10 years now and has already sold over $3 million worth of property. He has more than 15 years experience in management, coaching and training. He currently runs the Mentoring Program in South Australia and Gold Coast.

And another coach is Chris Shine who is the head coach in South West QLD. He covers the areas from Toowoomba to South West of the state. He also supports Duncan across the regions in Queensland.

The free Property Investor Nights are full packed with information from these experts that will teach you how to build a profitable portfolio.

Attend this event and you will receive a Guest Pass and meet the coaches in person. You will soon discover the best system for creating a successful portfolio when it comes to investing in Australia. This will be given directly to you by the experts who have proven their success in property industry not only in Australia but as well in other countries.

Hurry now, select your state and register for this event that could change your life. If you want to know how to register, just go to this link here.


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