Property Investor Nights With David Nerdil

Let our 2 hour Property Investor Night teach you how to change your life.  You don’t need to be a genius inorder to become a master in property investing. Book now and for 2 hours you will learn,

  •  How to replace your income as fast as 2 years
  • How to pay your home off fast in less than 6 years
  • Understand market timing: learn about the property clock and which markets are hot right now
  • How to reduce your taxes legally, potentially to $0
  • Build a balanced real estate portfolio structured for positive growth and cashflow
  • How to diversify your portfolio across different markets to minimise your risk and maximise your capital gains
  • Learn the secrets ONLY 5% of investors know that generates around 80% of their wealth
  • Discover how YOU can find properties that pay you thousands
  • Learn how to add massive value, create instant equity and great cashflow through strata-titling, discount, subdivision, off-the-plan, developments and renovation projects
  • Avoid common finance traps that destroy the investing ability of most unsophisticated investors
  • Learn effective debt reduction secrets that most people don’t know
  • How to save time by having a team of experts source and provide you with profitable deals

The Property Investor Nights are a free information packed seminar where professional investors will teach you everything that you need in building a profitable portfolio.

The Team Behind the Event

This event is brought to you by Positive Real Estate. Who are they? They are the experts when it comes to property investment, especially in Australia. They are equipped with great knowledge of real estate markets and how to grow wealth with real estate market. They can show you how to make great investment choices that offer positive and real results.

The team is founded with the desire to offer services to thousands of Australian investors who are lack of time or expertise to look, negotiate and buy property for investment in the country. They also offer educational seminars and programs just like this Property Investor Nights which is designed to empower their clients with the best tools and knowledge they need to become successful property investors in the country.

Their program is simple to learn and effective in creating exceptional lifestyle and achieving a passive income through property investing while avoiding some common pitfalls. Some of their specialties are rental assessments, cash flow analysis, capital growth statistics, property investing and property investment education.

The Mentoring Coach

Meet David Nerdil the Mentoring Coach in Gold Coast. He has over 10 years experience in the property marketand has sold over $3 million worth of property. He also has 15 years experience in management, coaching and training for property and currently runs the Mentoring Program in both South Australia and the Gold Coast.

Take down the event venue at Prana Centre7027 Southport-Nerang Road Nerang QLD 4211

When you decide to join the free Property Investor Night you will receive a Guest Pass to this amazing mentoring workshop. Register here now and reserve an early slots when you book now!


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