Property Investor Nights With Positive Real Estate Team

Did it ever cross your mind to attend the Property Investor Nights happening in the state?

This is a free short property course that will teach every investor and what are the things they need to know before purchasing any property in Australia.

All the information that will be given is based from the industry renowned property experts that have 10 years experience in Australian property market. Let them teach you how you can safely buy a property and build your own portfolio.

Attend this one night event and let the team show you how to:

  1. Pay Your Home Off Fast In less than 6 years
  2. Reduce Your Taxes to zero legally
  3. Replace your income to set yourself for life
  4. Passive income of up to $100k per year and retire early
  5. Own $3,000,000 real estate properties and be debt free
  6. The markets that are hot and where spots to avoid

You do not have to be a genius on how to master property investing. Join the free Property Investor Nights and see how your life would change. This is an information packed seminar where professional investors will teach you how to build profitable portfolio.

More and more Aussies have already been helped by attending this event. They are able to safely create enough equity in just two years and replace their income and live a lifestyle they always dreamed of. Their success stories are really amazing that some of them are even featured in magazines like theAustralian Property Investor and Your Investment Property.

Meet the Speakers

Meet Duncan Buchanan in Brisbane. He is the mentoring head coach. The guy has been investing in property since 1992 and control most of the property portfolio in the country. He runs the Lifetime Mentoring Program that offers coaching and support for clients.

Jason Whitton the founder of Positive Real Estate will discuss the, How to Pay Your Home Loan Off in 6 Years by Investing in two properties or more. This includes a mortgage minimization strategy that investors around in Australia use when buying investment properties in order to pay off their home soon. If you want to know more about this strategy, attend the next Property Investor Night in your area.

And Sam Saggers the CEO of Positive Real Estate will discuss the, How to Double Your Property Value in 3 Years and Not in 10. He will discuss the economic factors that influence the investment in your area so you can access your equity in 3 years instead of waiting for decades.

Join this event which is happening in Niche Event Spaces, 76 Cleveland St., Greenslopes QLD 4120. Registration will start at 6:15pm.

Avail this free special offer and receive a Guest Pass to a Menoting Workshop. Meet the coaches and clients. Select your state now and book now for this 2 hour seminar.

Hurry now because slots are only limited.If you book early you will get the guest pass and bring a friend along with you. Click here now to book this one night event.


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