Property Real Estate Mentoring With Sam Saggers and Jason Whitton

Investing in Australia in real property is quite a profitable plan. However, making informative decision would give you more options on how to take full advantage of these investments. Let Positive Real Estate help you with your investment plan with Sam Saggers and Jason Whitton.

For over 10 years, Positive Real Estate offers free property investing advice and information into a community of investors in Australia. They offer a free Property Investor Night that is held 6:15 in the evening in various dates and locations in Australia.

The Positive Real Estate Advisers

Learn from Jason Whitton Founder of Positive Real Estate and Sam Saggers CEO of Positive Real Estate on how you can achieve your financial goals that are proven to be effective in enhancing your financial position.

Sam Sagger work as a sales agent in a real estate industry. His passion for property makes him an avid investor. His first experience in real estate has inspired him to learn more about investment the smarter way. He now owns a property portfolio worth $10 million. With his predictions and strategies, has made him one of the leading expert in Australian property market. Sam was able to educate more than 5,000 people in real estate through Positive Real Estate. He is also featured in various media such as Your Investment, Australian Property Investor and Money Magazine.

Jason Whitton is an avid property investor for many decades now. He was able to create a multimillion dollar portfolio and help hundreds of clients in Positive Real Estate’s Lifetime Mentoring Program. He formed the Positive Real Estate which is one of Australia’s leading property investment companies with his business partner Sam Saggers. He just knows how to draw the positive in the minefield of property investing in the Australian market.

These 2 hours mentoring workshop will give you a lot of information on,

  1. How to pay off your home in just less than 6 years.
  2. How to reduce your taxes legally to as low as ZERO
  3. How to replace your income and set yourself financiallyfree
  4. How to retire on a passive income of $100,000 per year
  5. How to own over $3million of real estate assets and be debt free

This property mentoring workshop will definitely teach investor what they MUST know before they purchase any real estate property in Australia. Find out the nearest location where the next mentoring workshops will happen.

To know more about the event time, location, client success stories and property deals available now, call 1300 365 886 or simply click here now.

Enjoy their limited offer, attend this Property Investor Nights for free and avail a GUEST PASS and meet these amazing coaches and clients. Find out exactly what they can do to help you. For a free pass, just simply fill up the form and book your seat now. Click this link.

If in case you are not able to contact them, why not start reading a separate property book for FREE? This will coach you so many things about investing and ways to get rich too.After reading this, you will know a lot more stuff on property investment in Australia. This will give you a whole heap of information and knowledge that you need to know if you are interested with the Australian real estate market.

The book already helped a lot of property investors and this time it could be you. Take time to read and know more about investing in the Australian property industry. Get a copy now.

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