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Do you want to go to the best Property Seminars in Sydney? How about claiming free tickets to save yourself money? You can do that here, take a look now.

Going to a property seminar is the best way to learn about property and how you can succeed in it. There are one and a million property seminars in Sydney and most of them aren’t worth you time.

So to separate the wheat from the chaff, we have created this little review of the best 3 property seminar being held in Sydney for 2014

Property Seminar #1 – Stuart Zadels Property Entrepreneurs Conference


This is truly the Cadillac of property seminars in Australia at the moment. Stuart Zadel has proven himself to be an extremely high value presenter and speaker and his Property Entrepreneurs Conference is the best of the best.

This conference regularly books out and maxes its seating allocations because it is so good. It’s one of the only seminars I’ve been to multiple times and many others have been to many times too. That’s because it is so jam packed full of information that you learn more when you go back.

There isn’t a good way to explain it here, other than say click here to go to Stuart’s site and read about the Property Entrepreneurs Conference yourself.

Property Seminar #2 – Cherie Barber Renovating For Profit


Cherie Barber is the reported ‘Australia Queen of Renovation’ and her results and profits definitely show. Cherie can turn old tired homes into awesome brand new looking properties and make it look easy.

Most of us are very familiar with renovating and anyone who’s been in the property game – or had parents that were – have picked up a paintbrush a few times in their life. Cheree takes renovation to a whole new level by doing away with the tiresome and boring DIY Do-It-Yourself attitude. She makes renovation fun and seriously profitable:

  • Like buying a $600,000 house, doing a $38,000 reno in just 7 days, and selling the house for $750,000 – yes, a profit of $112,000 in just 7 days.
  • Or helping spruce up a neglected property worth $319,000 in 9 days for a total cost of approx. $32,000, and selling it for $435,000 in just 10 days for a massive net profit of $55,000.

Cherie runs a seminar teaching people the ins and outs of doing reno’s the right way for massive profit. Click here to check out the information on Cheree’s website.

Property Seminar #3 – Dominique Grubisa Buying Distressed Property


Dominique Grubisa is a renowned Australian debt and legal specialist and has cracked the code on how to buy distressed property in Australia.

Distressed properties is a brand new ground-level opportunity in Australia at the moment with the massive increase in mortgage properties due to the crazy loans that were handed out pre-2008 to people who should have never got them in the first place.

Dominique will be sharing her latest insights into her strategy for buying properties at a discount in the current Australian Market! Such as;

– Ideas to secure properties up to 40% below market value…

That it’s possible to secure great deals with potentially none of your own money…

Why this concept can be so much more lucrative than traditional passive property investment…

and more…

 Click here to go to Dominique’s website and read more about how the process works plus claim your free tickets.

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