Can A Punchy Title Still Be Good With Bad SEO?

Can A Punchy Title Still Be Good With Bad SEO?


Again, how long is a piece of string… or it depends.


The whole point of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to show higher in the search engines, because if nobody sees your title (however good or bad it is) no one will ever click it.


On the other hand, remember SEO isn’t the only thing in the whole wide world. It’s just one way people find your content, depending on what you’re doing.


For most sites, and this goes for too, recent articles and top articles are shown in the sidebar. Related articles are shown at the bottom of articles on the website. If you had a really punchy headline that attracted people, it may be attracting people through those methods.


Or, say with good SEO your plain title article was ranking 2nd in the Search Engine Results Page, but with the punchy title it was ranking 6th… but because the punchy title was so good it attracted more people, well the then the answer is in the proof of the results.


I’ve had articles that were ranking 8th in google yet getting 50%-60% of the search traffic, just because all the higher results were lifeless and didn’t present well, whereas my title promised to solve the specific problem they had and were looking for (which is what they were searching in google for).


Over time you’ll become more adept at squeezing in specific keywords into titles whilst still having them really punchy, compelling etc. It’s important not to get too hung up on it all though, for the reason that a lot of the answers to questions like ‘is this good or bad’ or ‘should I do this or that’ really can only be answered within the scope of your Business Plan and Marketing Strategy.


If your article title is displayed in hundreds of locations then prioritizing the copywriting would be appropriate. If the only source of traffic to the article is from SEO, then that definitely needs to be up to scratch even if it means a slight dip in the ‘punchiness’.


This article or topic is too broad it demands different results. The answer you want, to be really safe, is that you think and create a really good topic, a punchy and compelling one AND use good SEO, just come clean and be true to your words. You need to just create really good content and see to it that you are using the right and effective strategy that you need. You need to know all the keywords that is appropriate to your topic and niche.


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