QC Seminars NLP – Don’t Look At QC Seminars Until You Read This

I don’t know why you are searching for QC Seminars but you must read this exposing report before you even considering looking at their company website.

QC Seminars is a training and seminar company based in Australia. They host many wealth creation seminars around the country and are mostly concerned with teaching NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

QC Seminars also teach many other seminars including Quitting Smoking Seminars, Money Making/Business Related Seminars and Speaker/Trainer Development Seminars.

QC Seminars is run by Roberto Faddoul but her dad George Faddoul has a big hand in the mix. Both of them host the seminars but George does more of the speaking, especially for the high end training such as the Million Dollar Speaker Training.

QC Seminars do go to all the main capital cities in Australia – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth (sorry Adelaide). They usually hold their primary seminar the NLP Practitioner Training many times a year, and it’s this training that I need to tell you something about.

I don’t know how much you already know of QC Seminars but if you know them at all you have probably heard of their NLP Practitioner Training. This is a full training that will teach you all the basics in NLP and then some. After completing the training and the accompanying test you will be certified as a NLP Practitioner, registered with the Australian Board and Association and will receive a certificate proving your qualification.

This type of NLP Practitioner training is offered by many training companies all around Australia and the cost is about $2000-$3000 AUD. QC Seminars training is valued at ~$4600+ AUD because you receive many additional resources such as a humungous workbook/folder (that weighs 3kilos), full cd audio trainings of the whole NLP Practitioner training plus extra bonuses such as meditations and additional online resources.

Many people have been paying thousands to receive their NLP Practitioner Training and Certification and that’s a shame. If you have dealt directly with QC Seminars you might be up for thousands of dollars – and rightly so because their training is very in depth and includes everything you need, including a 30 day action plan to make sure you use it in your real life.

But here’s the big secret which I’m letting out – if you know how to you can actually get the QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Training certification at an absolute crazy discount. That’s right, you can actually get a real money discount on the training they provide. In fact, you can get the full multi-thousand dollar course (~$4600+) for as little as less than a hundred bucks!

You have to know how to do this and use special links on the website and when ordering. One such link is here. Click here to get your discount. Following that link will send you to an introduction page where you receive a free DVD and report. Because you are entering QC Seminars this way your email will be recorded and you’ll be offered a discount to the seminar the next time it is coming you to your city.

This is a very simple and easy way to save thousands of dollars on your QC Seminar training. Don’t miss out!

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