QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training Reviewed

QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training is a fantastic value for money wealth creation seminar aimed at tooling your mind up for wealth. Read the review here.

QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training is run by Roberta Faddoul of QC Seminars. The company has been running seminars for nearly 5 years.

QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training runs all around the country over the year. You can check when the next one is coming up in your city by clicking here.

QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training runs for four days over a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You will learn a complete and full NLP Practitioner course to the fullest extent possible. You will be able to sit for your NLP Practitioner Certification at the end of it. Roberta teaches you NLP along with other NLP speakers and trainers. NLP is a powerful mind technology that teaches you communication, behaviour, habit change and personal development. If you are interested you can get free information, cd’s and dvd’s from the website here.

The style of the speaker Roberta is a strong style. She sends out the info and it’s up to you to grab on and remember it. The other speakers that where there were good too. Roberta’s father George Faddoul is a great speaker telling lots of stories and making jokes.

The content presented in the seminar is of top quality. It is official NLP Practitioner courseware.

The sessions run for about 90 mins each. There is a lunch break and multiple ‘pit-stops’ that last 15 mins. The seminars run 9 or ever 10pm because there are so many sessions to do. And there is 4 days of it. NLP Practitioner Training is usually held over a week so cramming it into a weekend has been tough. Take snacks!

The venue quality of the QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Scholarship Training was so-so. There were so many people in the room it was very cramped and squashed and sometimes it would take 5-10 mins just to get out of the room and your break would be over immediately. Hopefully in your city there is a better venue.

The seminar is valued at $4000-5000 which is how much NLP Practitioner training usually costs. However you can get a scholarship to the training and you only have to pay a $97 booking fee.

Click here to get the information on how to get the scholarship.

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