QC Seminars Review – Are QC Seminars Any Good?

Here is a honest QC Seminars Review from someone who has recently attended the QC Seminars NLP Practitioner Training.

As part of the Wealth Creation Seminars Network Australia we make a point to attend multiple seminars and workshops as often as we can. Then we post our reviews, and any tips and hints (or freebies hehe) that we can give you!

QC Seminars do host a great workshop for anyone who’s interested in learning NLP on the cheap. The $97 admission fee for $4000-$5000 worth of training, manuals, dvd’s and cd’s is unmatched by any other NLP company I can find.

The seminar runs over 4 days and went from a 9am start to a 10pm finish. By the end you’ll have learned everything you need to become a NLP Practitioner – all you have to do is finish a 30 day implementation plan and the certification is yours.

If you are interested in wealth creation activities then this is a great NLP seminar to attend. That’s because you’ll not only get to learn NLP but you will be introduced to some wealth creation opportunities along the way.

Roberta brings in some wealth creation experts to teach you new and exciting ways you can make money and build wealth. These sessions are scattered along the weekend and break up the NLP training sessions.

Sometimes people who aren’t interested in wealth creation display discontent and annoyance that ‘their’ NLP training has been interrupted, broken up or made to go longer than really needed. But in reality it’s simply a way to provide value to particular people looking for these opportunities.

Plus, the purchases of the wealth creation courses are in fact paying for your NLP scholarship. How else do you expect QC Seminars to be able to foot the bill for your training?

The teaching style of the presenters was great. Roberta generally MC’d and organized everyone, and her straight talking style was great for that. George Faddoul, Roberta’s dad, did some of the training and was great at explaining concepts and telling stories. We also had a NLP training by the name of Matt who came from America and he was an absolute delight!

All in all this review on QC Seminars is happy to report that it is definitely worth attending this course. It’s extremely cheap and the overall value in the form of NLP training and course ware is definitely worth the price of admission. There are a bit of ads for courses etc but the overall value in the seminar well out ways this small inconvenience.

If you’d like to get some free DVD’s and reports on NLP then head on over to: http://wealthcreationseminars.net/nlp.html


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