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Need to to know everything about QC Seminars Sydney? Read here for the scoop guaranteed to have all the information you need!

QC Seminars regularly holds NLP Practitioner Training Seminars in Sydney. Throughout the year there are multiple seminars held usually in an inner city location. For 2012, there is only one seminar left to be held in Sydney.

The next QC Seminars Training in Sydney is on:

Thursday Oct 25 2012 to Sunday Oct 28 2012

This training is a full NLP Practitioner course. If you aren’t familiar with NLP then it is perfect as Practitioner is the entry level. If you already have some experience with NL P (which I did when I attended) you will still learn a lot plus probably get to review some parts you knew.

Although I found that re-learning some things I already knew, I actually picked up on some little minor intricacies I hadn’t known before. Anyway…

In the NLP Practitioner Training you’ll receive:
  • Full seminar of NLP Practitioner Training
  • Full NLP Practitioner level Certification
  • Full mp3 copies of the whole seminar (a previous seminar but the same content)
  • A 30 day action plan to implement NLP in your life
  • Additional DVD’s, Videos’ Audio’s, CD’s teaching about NLP, including interviews etc
  • A massive workbook (3kgs) with the full training and exercises inside it

The best way to access this training is simply through the QC seminars website, which you can access by clicking here.

After you signup you’ll receive your first DVD’s and a special NLP report which details everything about the course. At that time you can decide whether to go ahead with it or not, as there is a cost of $97. Though the cost in comparison to the training and material you receive is very low.

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  1. mary louise

    I’m glad you posted something like this one. Consequently those people became aware of qc seminars Sydney and this training is a full NLP practitioner course. We know that somehow it will help people…


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