Rachel Botsman – Is There Truth in Her Conviction? Read On to Find Out What People Say!

Hearing Rachel Botsman speak on the topic of Collaborative Consumption often causes skeptics to shake their heads in disbelief. The concept of bartering, exchanging and swapping goods and services instead of cold hard cash doesn’t wash too well with those folks. They believe that concepts such as Collaborative Consumption are based on a myth, and that there is no conviction behind the theories.

So is there really any conviction behind what speakers like Botsman have to say? After all, isn’t bartering what the world did hundreds of years ago? So why would anyone embrace such an outdated concept once again?

Is She Relevant Today?

Even a cursory glance at any version of a Rachel Botsman biography is enough to impress the reader that she is a woman of substance and conviction. Her many accomplishments on the speaking circuit are testament enough that she has a great degree of relevance amongst leading thinkers and think-tanks running the world today:

  • Rachel Botsman is the co-author of a thought provoking book titled “What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption”
  • The influential TIME Magazine is convinced that Collaborative Consumption is one of the ten powerful ideas of recent time “…that will change the world!”
  • The Economist, Harvard Business Review, CNN, The Guardian, Fast Company, New York Times and other publications have carried Rachel’s thoughts and comments on collaborative technologies
  • Through her column in the Australian Financial Review, and her writings in WIRED UK, Rachel Botsman talks extensively about the future impact of disruptive technologies on the lives of millions of people around the world

So while Rachel Botsman critics may have a point when they question the applicability of her thoughts today, they are wrong in thinking her ideas are not relevant. The fact of the matter is that governments, community leaders and business stewards must embrace futuristic ideas today if they want them to become relevant tomorrow. And that’s the kind of leadership that Botsman is delivering.

Collaborate And Build Your Fortune

The Rachel Botsman bio is a source of inspiration for a whole new generation of business and community leaders for how to leverage collaborative technologies to enrich global communities today. It’s no wonder that Monocle has dubbed her as one of the top twenty speakers worth having at any speaking engagement in the world today! Shaping the future wellbeing of the world by talking about it today is what Rachel Botsman is doing.

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