Why The Raw Outcome!



The Raw Food Movement Happened more than a century ago and in the late 1970s.Its based on the belief that cooking denatures or destroys essential  enzymes in our food ,and that eating living enzymes is the secret to longevity and sustained health.

the raw diet generally consists of unprocessed,ideally organic,and entirely uncooked or dehydrated fruits and some vegetables,some sprouted grains and beans,and a because the value of a food being easily digestible is essential for optimum health,because hefty dose of nuts and seeds.A large percentage of raw foodists also adhere to vegan diet,one without any animal foods of any kind.There is a significantly smaller population of raw followers who choose to consume raw dairy,meat and fish

One -Hundred-percent raw food types miss out on the health benefits provided by eating certain food cooked,such as sweet potatoes,carrots,and tomatoes.all which deliver more nutrition when lightly cooked than raw.There for making them easier to digest.

This an important factor because the value of a food being easily digestible is essential for a whole number of reasons,These being that they offer a greater diversity or range for the person wishing to make health changes.

There however a Whole percentage of raw foodists who also adhere to a vegan diet,one without animal foods of any kind.There is a mother part of the population of raw folders who choose to consume raw dairy,meat,and fish.Off Course There are a number of different diets too that combine all of the listed to create a more comprehencive meal plan that may suit more of the average person seeking diet changes.

Those who are one hundred- percent raw foodies miss out on the health benefits provided by eating certain foods cooked,such as sweat potatoes,carrots,and tomatoes,which deliver more  nutritive value when eaten lightly cooked than raw,and are easier to digest.Not too many people are awear of the benefits of cooking some foods and need to be awear that it need not be all or nothing.There are great recipes out there that will  show you great ways to prepare semi raw dishes that are both nutritious and tasty!

Studies also indicate lightly cooked,sprouted,and fermented foods.a balance of macronutrients,minimal consumption of oil,and the elimination of preservatives,additives,and processed foods,are even more essential to achieving the weight loss you desire,vitality,and optimum health.Many cultures have thrived on these diets for centuries with positive health results.

so there you have some simple yet effective diet guidelines to to by when choosing a raw or semi raw diet.I hope you got some vital information  and have some positive outcomes out of it to put to good use!If you’d like to know how I do so well writing posts like this one thenClick here to find out more!

Enjoy!..Rose Daily.


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