Real Estate Institute Of South Australia With Natalie Abbott and Michael Nikou

Know the latest trend in the property market and get all of it from Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA).  They are one of the established real estate professional body in South Australia that has been offering mentoring programs to their clients. Listen to Natalie Abbott and Michael Nikou as they share their secrets on successful property investment.

REISA have been running a series of events that ranges from lunches, workshops, conferences, forums and professional development courses. Their events have made it possible to bring altogether all the leading players of the real estate community. It is their mission to create memorable events that would inspire their members. They have been offerign development courses to Australian people for many years now and have been helping a lot of successful clients in the region.

REISA also offer  a wide range of topics that is focus on different specialisations. Most of the successful ageins in SA are from REISA training rooms, this only mean that they make sure that they offer their clients cutting edge information. They can help you build a successful and profitable portfolio. Learn all the staff that you need when it comes to investing in property in Australia.

Meet the Trainers

Natalie Abbott is a property manager for almost 13 years now in Melbourne and Adelaide. She won several awards for excellence in property industry. She is the manager of Property Management Department in city agency and one of the avid property investor in Adelaide. Another trainer is Trish Johnson who runs a promotions company in Australia. She is a property PR for real estate agencies. She train one of the marketing components in one of the training course in the event.

Michael Nikou worked in real estate for almost 12 years. He started working in sales and then later found his calling in property management and recently joined the training team in property management. Brett Roenfeldt is known as Mr. Auction who has completed over 15,000 auctions during his career. He is one of the leading trainers in Australia.

If you are eager to take part of the training course offered by REISA, you can contact one of their team at 08 8366 4360 or email

If you want to get updated and invited keep in touch with their events coordinator, Lisa Stewart at  8366 4325.

Learn everything you need to know if you are into real estate industry. Check more of their upcoming events when you go and visit this link here.

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