Real Estate Rescue Strategies – Do They Really Work? Find Out Here!

As a property investor seeking to build REAL wealth, a real estate rescue plan is the most appropriate way to build fortunes quickly today. Dominique Grubisa’s Make your Fortune Buying Distressed Property seminars and courses provide interested wealth builders all the insights into just such a strategy.  Skeptics however disagree. They point to the fact that during times of economic crises as we are experiencing today, it’s not easy to build a fortune quickly. And there’s where the difference of opinion arises between the skeptics and the believers.

Rescue Building Blocks

A rescue-based real estate investment strategy to building wealth is based on the following simple principles:

  • First, as part of your real estate rescue strategy survey the property landscape to identify various opportunities that distressed property has to offer. There are hundreds,, maybe even thousands of such units going into foreclosure every month across Australia;
  • Evaluate the properties for their REAL market value;
  • Employ shrewd bidding/buying strategies to rescue (purchase) the properties from foreclosure. And one does this by acquiring the units anywhere between 10% to 40% below their market value;
  • Sell the property either at its market value or higher and pocket a healthy profit!

We all know how important timing an investment decision is. Even the most skeptical of critics of such a real estate rescue system don’t deny that the fundamental principles of Dominique Grubisa’s strategy make sense and can lead to building wealth. Where they disagree is on timing. And people who have actually made huge sums of money through this strategy (rightly!) point out that now is the perfect time for it. We are in the midst of a property crisis globally and Australia is no exception. And along with crisis comes opportunity.

Seizing The Opportunity

The one thing to remember is that no opportunity goes wasted unless YOU are the one wasting it. As the old saying goes:  One person’s crisis is another s’ opportunity. If you don’t snap it up, someone else will. Even billionaire investor Warren Buffett, the famous Oracle of Omaha, believes in this adage of making the best of opportunities that others run away from.

Some investment philosophers call it a contrarian play, where the best way to build wealth is to go contra to the herd mentality. Today the real estate rescue strategy is a prime example of individuals running away from foreclosed properties, only for other savvy property investors to come along and profit from those very same properties.

Rescue Your Own future

Dominique Grubisa’s Real Estate Rescue course is just one of the building blocks to learn how you can make your fortune buying distressed property.  Her seminars, courses and workshops are meant for investors seeking to capitalize on the hundreds of Australian foreclosed homes and other properties. In fact, these events are so popular that they are held regularly across the country.

Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, there’ll be one scheduled close to where you work or live. And if you hurry up and confirm register now you might even win a FREE ticket to the event!

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