Rick Otton From We Buy Houses Reviewed – Is He Honest?


The integrity of Rick Otton, the inventor of the concept of “Rent it to Own it” in the United Kingdom and the CEO and originator of We buy Houses Pty Ltd, can be known through his business formula. His leading property enterprise has its arms spread out in the international markets of developed countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, The United States of America and New Zealand. Not only is Rick Otton an entrepreneur but he is also an educator. His success mantra is teaching people especially property investors who to create a flawless cash flow to invest in a property. His teachings serve as a blessing to all those who are looking for investment in real estate with the aid of a bank loan. So, when the question arises “is he honest?” Then the answer is definitely yes!

Success History

Rick Otton was born on 16th April, 1957 in Melbourne, Australia. However, his family moved to Sydney when he was quite young and grew up there. Since a very young age, Rick Otton had an intrusive intellect which was the foundation of his glorious and intrinsic entrepreneurial personality. In his 20s, Rick Otton got a job as an insurance broker for a man named Allan Pease who was later successfully recognized as Mr. Body Language. Mr. Body Language served as a great mentor to Rick Otton. Working with Allan made Rick Otton’s business sense sharp and so also his communication skills.

Rick Otton was living on the edge in the USA when in the early 80’s and 90’s, the Savings and Loans Crisis shook up the Banking system. This was the time when he started developing his strategy of how the seller can sell and the buyer can buy and move on. Although Rick Otton was rewarded by providing this service but due to the traditional thinking of mortgage and ownership, his strategies weren’t big back then.

Success Mantra

Since 1991, Rick Otton applied his exceptional strategy of buying and selling Real Estate to stockpile 76 properties in just 1 year of investing. His mantra for making these trades is by creating a positive cash flow to structure the payments. His mantra quotes as “Things don’t change; People change things”. This mantra obviously made sense to property investors when Rick Otton proved to them that they could buy a property without having to take a bank lending.

Rick Otton has achieved popularity and success because his formula works internationally. Yes, that’s correct!!!! Rick Otton’s positive cash flow formula can be customized and applied in any real estate market in the world. He is thus also quite admired as an educator and has mentored over 35,000 students all over the world about his unique selling and acquiring real estate strategy with very less or no money and quintessentially without any debt and risk.

Rick Otton has a vision to alter the way real estate is transacted around the globe with his exceptional business formula. Therefore, he has made efforts with government officials to make it possible for the common man to buy property in this financial crisis scenario. Therefore, to question the honesty of Rick Otton would be a loss because he is surely genuine in his efforts to make real estate an easier ball game for common people!

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