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Rick first learnt the dynamics of creative property dealership in US where he was residing during the mid eighties. After assessing the strategies involved in this market, he got interested and began brokering private homes at a commission from the owners. The experience he got from America gave him some level of confidence to continue selling houses at a fee. However, after living abroad for many years he decided to come back to his homeland Australia. He wanted to see whether his skills could be applied there as well.

His principle strategies

Apart from being a successful self promoter, most Rick Otton reviews also show that he has great acumen in generating positive radio and TV exposure. In Australia, he specializes in assisting property investors get real income from home property deals. Rick also promotes the famous ‘zero money down’ asset strategies using certain creative options. The investments instructor proposes two profit making strategies:

1. Affirmative money flow. This property market principle is further divided into two sections which include wraps and lease-to-own.

a) Wraps. This is a major financing tool which offers prospective buyers an easy gateway into home asset ownership, without necessarily seeking consent from traditional lenders. Also known as vendor finance, wraps are common amongst buyers who can’t access mortgage due to bad credit history. From a serious investor’s viewpoint, this strategy can generate a positive monetary flow of about 1,000$ each month. This comes due to wide spread rates between an investors buying rate and the actual sale price, or alternatively when there’s positive investment interest rate, and the purchaser’s marked up ratio is also high. In addition, most vendor finance contracts tend to be long term manageable plans.

b) Lease-to-own. Unlike in the first arrangement, this is mainly a short term deal that is suitable for tenant investors. These buyers are seeking to live within the home on rental arrangements, and eventually buy the house after a specific amount of time. These investors may also qualify for bank loans which often last for a period of 2-4 years.
Though one may not witness any positive flow of money within the first few days, the good thing is that massive returns would come once the deal matures, even though it may take quite some time. As such, the fundamental contract profit would be crystallized once the tenant client finances out the property. Many Rick Otton reviews have positive comments about him.

2. No money down strategy. To comprehend this policy, one has to know the differences between property ownership and mutual control. Rick argues that investors don’t have to own property in order to make cash from it. All one needs to succeed is good asset management skills. The main benefit of this technique is that only a minimum fraction of actual property value is required by the investor. Thereafter, one can have some level of control over the property.


Rick is an accomplished promoter with tremendous success in his career. He also runs an online webinar where visitors can access various PCF strategies over the internet. The reviews of Rick Otton are valuable to those who want to make a niche in the lucrative property market. They are available in different forms including manuals, CDs, templates and DVDs.

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