Rick Ottons On His Ready Set Boom Event

Have you known Rick Otton? Or Do you attend to his Ready Set Boom One Day Event?

Are you one of those who feel that you miss out making money in property? Sick of competing with another investor who are also trying their fortune in property investment? Do you have a property that is depleting your bank account or having problems getting bank financing?

If you are one of these people, then this is the right one for you. There is not the best time to jump in and utilize the benefits of property investment and live your life the way to want to but you have to do it now!

Most parts in Australia, the property industry is experiencing a property boom. This is the perfect time to buy and control property. There are a lot of buyers in the market and the prices is rising fast. However, what happen if the market falls? Will this affect your finances?

Let’s face the fact that there are people who are going broke just trying to pay off their properties, struggling to sell their property and abandoning their home ownership.

But what if there is a way for you to make still a lot of money through property investment even if the market booms are not without the need for you to risk a lot of money.

Why you need to listen to this one amazing speaker, Rick Otton?

He is the best-selling author of a book that has been voted in the top 10 financial titles in 2013. He is a successful property investor with 23 years experience in investing in real estate.

He is ranked number 1 by Australian Business and Investing Podcast. His style is entertaining and easy to understand.

There were already 35,000 property investors that earned from using his system since 2001. He runs the oldest property training companies in Australia.

Attend the Ready Set Boom National Tour 2014. This is a one day live event. This will be given for free if you are wondering if the seminar is so good. Attend this event to prove that the strategies of Rick will work for you.

What you will learn at the Ready Set Boom Event?

  • Turn Your Negative Geared Property Into Positively Geared One
  • Get sellers to agree with every word you say
  • How to sell your property without dropping the price even in today’s buyer’s market price
  • How to create your cash flow machine using the bets marketing budget strategy
  • The first thing to deman from a potential buyer before you agree to meet them
  • The A to Z basic no money down policy
  • How to Create Cashflow with no loan liability

Spend a full day uncovering the secrets of real estate system for free. Ready to grow your property portfolio and start making your profit immediately. This one day event can be yours for free when you make reservations now.

The seats are strictly limited and assigned on a first come, first served basis. For more details about the seminar, click this link here.

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