Rowan Little – Is Our Food Supply Contaminated?

As the General Manager of a large Apple grower and marketer in Victoria, Rowan Little is responsible for managing the end-to-end process of taking products from breeder through to the end customer.  But that process isn’t complete without exposing the fruit to chemicals and other artificial preservatives.

The big question on consumer’s minds is: Is our food supply being contaminated by these chemicals? Can we trust Rowan Little and his colleagues to be good stewards of the food supply chain?

Putting profits before protection!

Rowan Little is in a business that contributes billions of dollars – directly or indirectly – to Australia’s economy.  So anything that the fruit growers do to stymie that flow of money will ultimately impact their own bottom line. And that includes use of modern technology and fruit growing and preservation techniques – some of which involve chemical processes.

But the charge that farmers will put profits before protection doesn’t wash well because, for instance:

  • Rowan Little and his team support the use of sound waves to determine when fruit is ripe for the picking. This technology alone has the potential to boost Victorian fruit growers’ income by $14 million in coming seasons. Yet it is safe and non-destructive.
  • The guidelines endorsed by Rowan and his peers could result in an extra 1840 tonnes of fruit on Victoria’s premium market by the 2012-13 season. This could mean fruit that would otherwise be spoilt, damaged or destroyed is now able to reach the consumer safely.
  • All of the techniques and technologies used are well tested and monitored by the industry before they are endorsed for mass use by farmers in Australia.

In addition, the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) plays an independently active role in overseeing, testing and approving all of the processes, including the use of chemicals to preserve foods during transportation and storage.

Safeguards in our food growing plans

There’s no doubt therefore that when Rowan Little comes before an audiences, he speaks to them about the latest developments and breakthroughs in food growing and management technologies. But all the techniques and processes he shares are safe and have built-in protections for both farmers and food consumers.

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