Are You Sabotaging Your Health?

The world is full of all sorts of trickery and consumer lies. What of these are you falling for, and what of these do you allow your mind and body to be corrupted by?


When I was young, I didn’t have the hindsight of deciding what healthy foods to eat. And now that I’m already an adult, I hold full responsibility for the choices I make that includes all foods and products I daily consume. Now that I already know to read the fine print on labels and make sure they are ethically and environmentally safe, as well as healthy, I can proudly say that I am living a relatively toxin and additive free lifestyle and am feeling great for it!

Consumer choices – There’s nothing wrong about it, but have you noticed the wolves among the sheep?

The marketing giants play on your 1. Apathy, and 2. Ignorance.

If you don’t look closely, you won’t notice that they often use false and misleading information at any chance. They get to spoof up their customers’ product and cleverly by pass any government laws and regulations.

It is really sickening and the results will have you feeling less than well too!

The amount of new illnesses appearing today, compared to when our grandparents were young, is quite on the rapid increase level.

Did you know that the many diets and pharmaceutical companies have huge stakes at keeping us dependent on their products? There are also terrible laws censoring the discussion and horrific cruelty inflicted on the farming industry of livestock. And it will seriously make you think if that quarter pound burger you’re ordering in your favorite fast food chain did contributed to the massive suffering and abuse of livestock animals.

Healthy Lifestyle Must Start with the Right Choices of Foods To Eat


Now, having said all that once you say no to unhealthy and cruel, infusing products and digest foods truly from nature, you will in fact, feel better.

Once you truly digest the facts and stop falling from the fantasy, then you have my words. You’ll have the strength to carry on a happy and healthy lifestyle, by just choosing the REAL, healthy foods to eat. It is so worth it. Believe me! I’m not talking about the diet, or whatsoever practices to maintain a healthy body. I just want you to CHOOSE the RIGHT foods to eat.

Our body needs the right nutrients in order to be healthy and well. There are many ways to successfully achieve this and that’s by proper diet (not the one which recommends you to decrease the amount of foods to eat!), proper exercise and intake of the right vitamins and supplements, as well as living a healthy lifestyle.

Hope that you will now be aware of any kind of foods to eat. Being health conscious is a good start, I think. 🙂





Rose Daily

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