Are You Safe From an Online Scam?


One of the deadliest thing online that you should be aware of, is the online scam.

I’m writing this article not to claim that I’m an expert to advise you on this issue of online fraud, but to share you my awareness and interest about this topic.

Scam is a CRIME, and it has been the fastest, leading online crime used to steal personal information and finances. Scammers usually take advantage of emails and online ads to trick you to send them your personal information and money. They will send you fake emails, fake sites, fake online transactions or fake charities, luring you to give them your:

  • Name and username
  • Address and phone number
  • Password or PIN
  • Bank Account number
  • ATM/Debit or Credit Card number
  • Credit Card Validation Code (CVC) or Credit Card Verification Value (CVV)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

Learn more about the online scam here, how to identify and outsmart them.

Maybe there are people who are now afraid to invest online, because they have experienced an online phishing. That’s really bad though, but you should not be afraid of it, since there are still many legitimate ways to avoid them.

If you’re finding a REAL investment online, and are now decided to back off because you’re afraid with this scam issue, you should not.

I’ve become aware of online scams since the day that I decided to find some valuable business to invest online. Though this crime really gives me a negative thought, I still continue my search. Until I’ve found such opportunities and benefactors online, which inspired me to keep the faith and strive for the best. I want to support them and know that they have my best wishes. It takes quite a shift in conciseness to fully appreciate and learn from such practices, but having that integrity from all levels have leveled the playing field for these groups as they no longer operate in the scarcity mind set and it rubs off on everyone who gets involved.

The lesson here is to be AWARE and SMART. Hope this article helps you a lot.If you want to know how i know this a make a good living writing this and other content then Click here to find out more!




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