Is Search Engine Optimisation Dependable?

Is Search Engine Optimisation Dependable?


This is an interesting question and I’m not too sure what you mean. Dependable means trustworthy and reliable.


I’m going to go so far to say that you can completely depend on it to be undependable.

You can trust it to be untrustworthy.


And you can rely on it to be very unreliable.


Google updates and changes its algorithms, ranking factors and caches hundreds of times a day. So things take time to propagate across their huge datacentres all around the world. They are constantly changing everyone’s rankings to see the effects etc. They have serious technology to thwart anyone who tries to cheat the system.


And the most important thing to remember is:


Google manipulates the SEO results in ways to increase the amount of searchers that click on the AdWords ads, so that they make more money.


Google is a company and its primary purpose is to generate revenue and profit.


The Search Results that come up are about as random, fake, weird, and unreliable as you can get. There is essentially no regularity or standardisation, and I’d guess that nobody except the top most executives at Google know what’s truly going on.


The Google search engine, robots and artificial intelligence are just a tool. They aren’t a magic angel serving you the most perfect search results. They’re presenting whatever they want to meet their own ends.


There are countless stories, tracked proof and evidence of horrible and useless articles ranking in 1st and higher positions in the SERPS because it drives the searches to click on the AdWords ads so Google can profit more.


Just one more reason I say don’t worry about spelling and grammar.


Internet Marketing and Online Business is one of the fastest paced, fastest changing, fasting growing and massively riskiest industries that exist. It’s also the most exciting, and a massive proportion of all the biggest companies in the world are technology based, and all the richest and youngest billionaires in the world acquired their wealth through technology.


We are living in Technological time of massive change. Essentially everything we do is the complete opposite of dependable.


If there was ever a realistically reliable, dependable, safe place to be nowadays… It would be right in the middle of the madness; Internet Marketing and Online Business.  (Plus Information Communication Technology too, that’s going off)


I think the iPhone 6 just came out actually and another iPhone is about to come out. How fast is that? That’s just another proof that it is the most fast changing field right now.

So back to SEO. Is it dependable? Before it was, now I am not too sure anymore, because as I have said, it is fast changing besides the fact that Google has a lot and lot and lots of technology and systems that keeps on changing and changing every day. So how would you say that it is reliable and dependable if it is always changing so many times in one day? Where would you rely in there?

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