The Secrets Of How To Do Affiliate Marketing On WordPress

The Secrets Of How To Do Affiliate Marketing On WordPress


No doubt you’ve heard bloggers making money online, and now you want to learn about how to do Affiliate Marketing on WordPress. Read this to discover the secrets I’ve learned over the years.

You may have heard or read about this already, but you might be surprised how little you know about affiliate marketing. Here, you will uncover the secrets behind affiliate marketing on WordPress.


Working full time may be your best choice of earning money, but working full time is not as easy as doing affiliate marketing. When you work full time in a physical office, being a CPA, manager, clerk or basic employee, you spend eight to ten hours in the office working. You receive a fixed amount of money or job pay and wait for months or years to be promoted to a higher position. You work tiresome because of transportation and lots and lots of physical movements and errands given by your bosses. And, you work for a lot of people.


It’s different with affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you don’t work full time. You hold your time, you get to do what you want, you can work from home, and you only need a domain and a hosting. WordPress is free. Want to find out more about it? Read on.


How Making Money With Affiliate Marketing Has Been Looked At The Wrong Way By Thousands Of Bloggers


Many people ask the question ‘can you really make money with affiliate marketing’ or ‘can I actually make a living with affiliate marketing’ and the answer is yes if you know how to do it.

Affiliate marketing still works. Affiliate programs work. And WordPress is a great website platform that you can use for free to get started really easily and earn high commissions and revenues in a relatively short time.

For whatever reason it seems that these days many people are still wondering or doubting that you can make money using affiliate marketing or asking about if affiliate marketing really does still work and the answer is totally yes.

Affiliate marketing unfortunately these days is looked at the wrong way and is considered an out-dated approach to make money but that is in fact false. There are many people who are starting out as affiliate marketing right now today and go on to succeed and make a full time living.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing On WordPress – Getting Started The Right Way


It’s important to get started on WordPress the right way. There are many ways to get setup and most of them will be dangerous for you in one way or another. For example, you can easily make a mistake at the very start which leaves your website open to being hacked EXTREMELY easily and that is a horrible place to be in.

Could you imagine having an affiliate marketing business, with everything running through a wordpress website, and then it all disappearing overnight because you got hacked. I’m sure you’ll agree this would be really REALLY bad.

That’s why it’s important to get setup the right way. If you’d like to learn how to register your WordPress website correctly, I’ve created a kickass 20 minute video that teaches you step by step how to register and setup your site in the absolute securest way possible. It’s quick and easy to do and you can watch the video for free by clicking here.

(and no, you won’t have to type in your email address or opt-in or anything like that. This video is completely free!)

5 Dangerous Myths About Affiliate Marketing Using WordPress Sites


1 – That the only way to do affiliate marketing is with Amazon

2 – That affiliate advertisers have to spend years learning affiliate marketing.

3 – That you must signup to hundreds of affiliate programs, CPA vendors and other web commission marketing programs to succeed.

4 – You can setup your WordPress website with default settings and it will be secure. This is in fact a huge lie and problem – the default WordPress configuration is open to being hacked.

5 – Immediately right after set up, you’ll be earning double your investment

It is almost an immediate following that when a certain flat form became known it is mistakenly considered as the “only way” or the “only one” I remember when I was first introduced to the typewriter and it instantly became my hero. The time came that my family was able to buy a computer and right then I immediately refused to leave my hero behind. It wasn’t until the time that I tried using it that I have proven my self-wrong. As applied to marketing, it became a hit and “The only one”/”The only way” to do affiliate marketing when as a fact: IT’S NOT! Think of it this way, affiliate marketing is STILL marketing and following the basic rule, you can endorse and promote any product in ways your mind can come up with. Be it Amazon and/or other affiliate sites.

Affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science nor a walk in the park and but never can you say that advertisers must spend years in learning affiliate marketing. There are a lot of learning programs that teaches affiliate marketing and the strategies behind it online. You can even surf the Internet and browse up websites that gives information about it.

Having said that, we can say that the time length to learning affiliate marketing vs. the number of affiliate programs, CPA vendors and other web commission marketing programs to sign up to in order to succeed is directly proportional. You need not to sign up to a lot of such in order to succeed. The secret to success (to anything) is a perfect selling strategy.

Claiming that setting up WordPress in default settings makes it secured is absurd. Nothing and I repeat nothing in this world is perfectly secured specially during these times. Even the most protected sanctuary has been hacked a million times and we know that for a fact. Hackers learn everyday and in the future, we can expect that the word “Hacked” will be an everyday thing.

Even instant noodles isn’t that instantly fast to make at all. So, never ever expect that instantly right after set up, you will earn double of what you’ve put up because frankly… “YOU WON’T!” Never forget : Patience, is a virtue.

Why Doing Affiliate Marketing On WordPress Is Actually The Best Way In The World


In any task, business, ventures or any endeavours there are a few things that come on top of the end-user’s list. Ease of use, customizability, affordability and the “FREEDOM” To do all that.

When it comes to doing affiliate marketing, the use of WordPress rolls out and provide you all that. First of all, it is so easy to use that a lot has learned to use it minus the hassle of going to school and spend almost half of your life learning

With WordPress, you’ll have the liberty to do marketing as your heart desire. Imagine having the freedom to customize the way you do business, won’t that be make WordPress the best flatform to do your affiliate marketing?

Not lastly (not even close to it… Trust me!)  and on top of everything else, WordPress is an OPEN SOURCE virtually anybody can grab a hold of it not only because it’s highly available but also… IT’S FREE!

How I Realized Affiliate Marketing With WordPress Was My Way To Financial Freedom


I’ve used Affiliate Marketing on WordPress sites to build a huge online income. Now I have multiple six figure businesses online and I still make most of my money from affiliate marketing (even though I have my own products that I sell for thousands of dollars).


That’s because once you build up an affiliate marketing empire, it’s not exactly practical to take it down – nor easy. In fact, it starts to take on a life of its own and it’s essentially impossible to stop the money being deposited into your bank account.


Now that I’m at the financially free stage and have everything taken care of for me I enjoy helping people and one way I do that is by giving my products away for free. For example, if you’d like to learn how to start your own affiliate marketing business online the first thing you’ll need is a website.


If you would like, you can download this easy to follow video, it runs for 20 minutes and you can actually have a working website online literally right now. Click here to download that video now. Yes, I’m not asking you to optin with your email or any of that other annoying stuff other Internet Marketers do. I’m at the point where I’m just happy to contribute and help and I give it away for free.


I really sincerely hope that you get a lot of value out of it. If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out. 🙂


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