Secrets Of The Wealthy In Australia – Tax Money And Finance Tricks They Use

Are you interested in the wealthy’s personal wealth creation secrets? I’ve contacted many of them and asked them what their secrets are and now I’m sharing them with you.

Why access the closed-door secrets of the wealthy? Well of course, because if it has worked for them then it will work for you. I want to know what it is about wealthy people that has made them wealthy.

I’ve spoken to many wealth creation experts over the years at many different wealth creation events. I constantly ask them what their personal secrets are, how to do this and that etc. I’ve constantly got the same answers but in different forms through different people so have discovered some main secrets to building wealth.

And I’m going to share them with you now…

Biggest Secret Of The Wealth – It’s All In Your Mind!

The first thing is they all talk about education. Learning, studying, reading, training – educating yourself. Education is the gateway to wealth. There is no wealthy person that hasn’t educated themselves above and beyond other people. This is the be all and end all of wealthy. He who knows more wins.

But it’s just not knowing information. It’s knowing how to action the information. And the specific knowledge about how to get yourself to do things and how to get others to do things is the most important. Almost all rich people talk about taking action, or ‘doing it’. Nothing happens if you don’t do anything.

Taking the action is the hard part because you could have some fear or have dis-empowering habits holding you back. Don’t worry, these are really easy to overcome once you get in the right crowd, which I’ll talk about at the end of the article.

Regarding education, there is an abundance of education at the moment due to the Internet. Now, free isn’t always the best but there are good guys giving away great information (like this website). Also, you can click here to get a free copy of wealth educators Stuart Zadel’s brand new book ‘The New Way Of Making Money In Property Fast’ which is a sure bet when it comes to getting real-deal education for free.

Secrets Of The Wealthy – Massive Value Adding

The poor do not  invest at all. The middle class invest and wait and hope and pray for their investments to increase in capital value due to the economy and other outside circumstances. The wealthy are abundant because they invest and then drive the asset as fast as possible by creating massive value and adding value everywhere they can.

A great example of this is the property game. Most investors buy a property, rent it out and hold onto it. If the market goes up they make capital gains, if the market goes down they lose money. But a smart investor buys a goldmine rundown house, renovates it, paints it, dresses it up and adds massive value. They actively increase the capital value of the property and then either sell it or draw on the built equity. This is the most basic example of adding value.

The best renovator in Australia is named Cherie Barber and she regularly appears on TV, in the media and even on stage teaching people how to renovate their houses and make money fast. You can click here to see her website on how you can get in contact with her to go to a free renovation seminar.

Secrets Of The Wealthy – Creating A Tax Haven For Yourself

Every single wealthy person will reveal this secret to you. They don’t pay tax, or they pay a seriously reduced amount of tax! How? Are they stealing? Are the crooks? No! They are simply structured in particular ways so their money doesn’t leak out to the tax man and they keep it to re-invest it themselves.

First world countries like Australia are absolute Tax Havens if you know what you are doing. Taxation is only bad if you are in the middle class working a job. You can get tax breaks, tax cuts, reduced levy’s and deductions left right and centre if you know how. You don’t have to be clandestine or hush-hush about it, just structuring yourself properly with individuals, businesses, companies, investments, property and assets will work a charm and is critical to your long term wealth creation success. It’s also critical to hold onto your finance opportunities.

Regarding financial secrets of the wealthy, asset protection is another massive secret sauce formula. They are wealthy because they hold onto their wealth… they are safe and secure. No one can sue them or grab their money because its all hidden behind structures like trusts and wrapped up in companies with directors or solid assets such as gold.

The best person in the country regarding asset protection is a top lawyer called Dominique Grubisa. She is pretty high profile but extremely valuable. If you are at all interested in asset protection or structuring yourself correctly, I recommend clicking here to see how you can get in contact with her.

Secrets Of The Wealthy – Who You Hang Around With Is Who You Become

This is the oldest trick in the book and its the most effective one. Do you remember when your mum or dad didn’t want you hanging around with a particular group of kids because they were worried they’d be a ‘bad influence’ on you. Well, they actually were right.

The people you hang around with help you and create you. If you are hanging around with people that are down and out, poor, have no goals and don’t know how to make any money… well, you are going to be exactly like that.

If you are hanging around with wealthy people that are rich, going great, have goals and plans to make money and are actioning those plans and making a tonne of money… well, you get that too!

If you don’t know anyone you can buy your way into the group. Almost all wealthy people talk about having a coach, a mentor, or getting coaching or guidance. It is a fallacy that people are ‘self-made’ . No one is self-made, everyone’s success depends on each other. Having a coach or some sort of mentoring is extremely important if you want to become wealthy.

But probably the most important way to meet great people making money and becoming wealthy is by going to seminars. This is the big secret. All the wealthy people I have spoken to talk about going to so many seminars in their life.

And not just free ones, but paid seminars. Some said they have spent thousands or tens of thousands just on a few day seminars. Of course, if you haven’t been to a seminar before then go to a free one or get your hands on discounted tickets.

The reason seminars are so important is because they bring the first three into play. Seminars educate you. You take action at seminars and usually a lot of action after the seminars. And at seminars there are always coaches and mentors to talk to, plus you can usually get ongoing coaching too.

If you want to whet you pallet and take action towards you personal wealth creation let me suggest you check out The Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference. There you can get a massive amount of education, get inspired to take action and will meet many great coaches and mentors. And the best part?

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