What Are The SEO Concepts That I Need To Know About?

What Are The SEO Concepts That I Need To Know About?


Really, SEO is dead. There’s not much you can do anymore. Unless you’ve been doing SEO for years already and have extensive knowledge in the subject you don’t need to know much. SEO is really a sinking ship and sooner or later it’ll just be history.


That still will take a few years though.


Really, the only thing you can do is good quality decent OnPage SEO. That’s the only thing “Google Approved”. And still with that if you go overboard its detrimental.


As per the Internet Domination Course and the Internet Domination Coaching, really in summary all you need to do is:


– Put your main keyword in the title   (known as the meta-title)

– Put your main keyword in the first paragraph    (known as the meta-description)

– Put your main keyword, or even variations of it throughout the article. If you are writing good quality content on a particular subject usually this simply happens naturally.

– If you have any Subheadings, Quotes, Emphasis Areas or other important sections of the article, it’s a good idea to clearly identify the keyword in there.

– Put your main keyword in the last paragraph.


Once you’ve finished your article, copy and paste it into textalyser.net and analyse it. If you have a 2 phrase keyword (like “online jobs”) look at that table. If you have a 3 phrase keyword (like “cook butter chicken”) look at that table.


Really, the actual occurrences or absolute density doesn’t matter… you just want to see that your main topic keyword is the TOP word in that table, which means the article effectively communicates to Google that that’s what the article is about.


If you want to go crazy with it, go and study SEO / Onpage Optimization. There are about 200 factors that contribute to it. But essentially none of the information/training is guaranteed to be correct, it’s all here-say.


Google is changing its algorithms and ranking methods hundreds of times a day. Your article will move up and down in the cache even if you do nothing. This means there is essentially no way to effectively test if anything you do is having a positive effect on your rankings or not.


Plus Google owns a patent that was specifically engineered to randomize search results to prevent people from making changes and determining if they were positive or not.


At the end of the day, just write a really great article for the human reading it, and do some reasonable SEO – like put your keywords in the main areas and stuff.


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