SEO. Are Guaranteed SEO Services Trustworthy?

SEO. Are Guaranteed SEO Services Trustworthy?


You’ve heard it before. “Page 1 in 90 days or pay nothing”. And EVERY ONE is “Australia’s Most Trusted” Read This Underground SEO Professionals Suprising Expose On What REALLY Goes On…


You don’t even have to search for SEO services anymore – the ads just pop up in front of you before you even make it to Google… and they are ALWAYS ‘guaranteed’, ‘reputable’ and their ‘firm’ has been ‘providing SEO services” for years, because they are a real honest Internet Marketing Company.


Yeah Right!


The debates been raging on forever – in fact, since the whistle-blower’s SEOMoz blew the rankings apart when they told the truth it’s just gotten worse and worse.


Every Search Engine Results Page (SERP) For SEO Services Is Vomit-Worthy


And it’s prolific in Australia…


– Every SEO Company is Number 1

– Guaranteed To Rank You Number 1

– They All Rank Themselves As Trusted

– They All Rank Themselves As Professional


The listings are nothing more than an offensive repetition of we’re reputable, guaranteed SEO, don’t trust reputable. And the supposedly switched on guys do reverso jokes about how your not meant to trust reputable guaranteed SEO service providers but WE, WE are different!


But they don’t even take the cake…




While they’re advertising on Pay Per Click, and are absolutely no-where to be found in the Organic SEO Results Pages…


Pfft, you may as well hire these guys:


Can Anyone Truthfully Guarantee SEO Results?




What If They Claim They Are Reputable, Guaranteed, But Different To The Other Reputable Guaranteed SEO Companies That Weren’t Actually Reputable Or Guaranteed?



(they’re even bigger jerks for being confusing)


Can Every SEO In Australia Guarantee Services?




Page #1 Rankings?




It’s kind of like this…


When you come from the industry it’s absolutely laughable.


This is a real meta-description tag of an SEO Company, I scraped it right out of the Google results;


“We offer you the simplest SEO Guarantee in the SEO Industry. Simply put if your site is not on search results of Google in 90 days, our SEO services are FREE”


:O … WOW!


Do you realise I can do that for you in 90 seconds?


Better yet, I could tell YOU how to it in 9 seconds. And you could spent the 1 minute putting your URL into any youtube comment area and pinging that video.


(Pinging, with a service like essentially just gives Google a kick up the backside to go checkout a page cause it’s been updated)


It’s As Simple As This: Do You Have A Website That You Want Ranked?




Take a quick look at this picture;


Step 1 – Go to

Step 2 – Enter your website URL

Step 3 – Enter your email or gmail, all good

Step 4 – Click “Create Alert”


Now Google will be all over your website like a fat kid on cupcake.


And you’ll automatically receive better status and notification updates than most “Professional” SEO Companies provide too.


You’re Welcome. : D


And just in case you are wondering, I’m taking these pictures with a program called Jing. It’s a piece of cake to use, plus its free. You can get it at


Just before you go I’d like to ask you a quick question.


How did YOU arrive at this page?


It hope it wasn’t from Google… I bet you it was them bloody SEO guys again!


Warmest Regards,



The WCS Team


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I really hope you watch the video and learn a lot of things from it. Just feel free to leave a comment about the video so I can further help you.


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