If You Are Serious, Here’s A Way How A Teenager Can Make Good Money Online

If You Are Serious, Here’s A Way How A Teenager Can Make Good Money Online

If you are just some punk kid looking for a sneaky trick to earn an extra buck then do not look at this. But if you’re seriously looking for a REAL way a teenager can make good money online, read this.


How Can A Teenager Make Good Money Online?

The good news is that there are many ways a teenager can make good money online. The main points though are 1) your age and 2) your skillset/ability…


Because you are under 18/21 (depending on what country you live in) technically there are some legal issues regarding your ability to own and run a business. These vary depending on where you live.


But really, if you have a bank account and a paypal account you’re pretty much good to go. You’ll need a little bit of money though, but nothing more than you are already spending on movies/beer/whatever…


The other thing is your skillset. For example, if you struggle to write a 600 word essay for your English class, well you’d probably find it hard to write 600 word articles to sell for cash… or blogging, which takes hundreds and hundreds of these articles would be very hard for you.


It would be like doing an English assignment everyday. Are you really up for that?


Effective Methods Any Teenager Can Make Good Money Online

And the fact of the matter is, writing/blogging is probably the best way you are going to succeed online. Why?


Because becoming youtube famous is a pipe dream. It’s possible to succeed, but the odds are very low.


Do you want a reliable, effective, proven method of making money online? Or do you want to gamble your time, effort and energy when the odds are against you?


Because you’re a teenager, I’m guessing that all paid strategies are out the window, because you don’t have access to thousands and tens of thousands of dollars… and if you did, you wouldn’t be googling “how a teenager can make good money online”.


The only other real practical method of reliably making good money online is to be some sort of assistant for some. You can be a personal assistant in many ways. The problem with this is that you have A LOT of competition – from people in India and cheap countries like that who are willing to work for $1…


The other issue is, the skillset you’d need to learn and acquire, that takes time and energy. And when you do the numbers, in fact, if you had of put all that effort into writing or blogging you would have made HEAPS more money…


A Wonderful Formula Any Teenager Can Use To Make Money Online

Let me show you a wonderful formula that any teenager – actually, ANY ONE – can use to easily and reliably make money online.


Firstly, you need to get setup correctly. You need a domain and hosting so that you can run your own website. This is a necessity, because you must have all your stuff on your own servers that you own and control.


Building some crappy Blogger blog or Squidoo Lense isn’t gonna cut it. Lets get serious here.


Secondly, you need to realise your strengths, which in fact is your TIME. You can literally chip away at this online gig part time for years and years and years and you’ll still be a teenager. If you are serious and put in just some half-decent effort (like 10 hours a week) over time you’ll build such an empire that you’ll be financially free in your 20’s


(Just like I am… and I only started when I was 21)


Thirdly, and this is gonna the biggest thing (this is the biggest thing for EVERYONE at ANY age)… you MUST stay focussed. Pick one strategy, stick with it for years and years.


Don’t go out trying to make some videos… then decide you’ll do blogging… then try affiliate marketing… and then try to make your own product…then this and than and blah blah.


Getting caught up in the ‘newest thing’ (like “writing a top selling kindle ebook”) or whatever crap the Internet Marketers are spewing out at that particular time is a sure-fire road to failure.


My recommendation? Learn how to write. Sit down and write every day. Post it on your website. Until you are getting AT LEAST 1000 people a month to your website don’t even bother with any formatting/design etc.


What’s the point of making a pretty website when no one is seeing it?


You’re gonna need A LOT of content… HUNDREDS of articles… That’s just the reality of it.


How do you get there? Chip away at it, one a day, every day. 5 a week. Whatever. Maybe in the holidays put in a little extra effort.


Get serious and realise that this isn’t some magic ‘overnight’ get rich quick thing… it’s just purely business and a numbers game.


And the most realistic way that any person, teenager or not, to actually earn some real money online is to get a real website and start putting some real content on it and actually put in a real solid effort.



Mistakes Teenagers Often Make When Trying To Make Money Online

There are plenty of mistakes WE ALL MAKE when trying to make money online – it’s not just teenagers. And in fact most of the mistakes teenagers make are just the same as adults, 30 year olds, whatever…


But there are some interesting extra benefits of being a teenager, which is why I’d urge you to read on and follow these instructions (only if you are serious about making money online)


The mistakes you are going to make will in fact NOT MATTER later down the track. So feel free to screw up as much as you want. It’s all good.


The big benefit you have as a teenager is plenty of spare time. If you spent your time building your online business instead of playing xbox or playstation or whatever teenage girls do, then you’d have a profitable business before you finished high school.


The other benefit is that you have long-term time. You’re a teenager! You’ve got years and years, DECADES up your sleeve. If you start plugging away at this NOW, you’ll be raking it in sooner or later.


Day by day, week by week, if you actually consistently put in the effort, sooner or later you’ll wakeup and you’ll actually be earning good money online. And as you keep going you’ll start to earn a fulltime income and won’t need a job.


And after that it just gets better and better – and life is the dream you so desire.


Let Me Show You How To Make Money Online – Even A Teenager Can Do It

Let me be blunt with you. I earn a BUCKETLOAD of money online… plus its automatic/passive income that continues to come in whatever I’m doing.


How did I get financially free? Well if you know me then you know I have many online website businesses. And I started out with just one simple website that I through up in less than an hour. Because of where I am at today, I actually just give away my products that teach people how to build these types of websites. If you would like, you can download this easy to follow video, it runs for 20 minutes and you can actually have a working website online literally right now.


Click here to download that video now. Yes, I’m not asking you to opt in with your email or any of that other annoying stuff other Internet Marketers do. I’m at the point where I’m just happy to contribute and help and I give it away for free.


So if you would like to discover, literally, how to register a domain and setup a website right now, within 20 minutes – you can watch the step by step video and follow along… you can access that for free by downloading the video by clicking here.

That’s your first step to making money online – whether you are a teenager or not. Simple.

I really sincerely hope that you get a lot of value out of it. If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out. 🙂

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