Shaun Browne – Read The Real Truth About Him!

Participants at the recent London Metal Exchange (LME) seminar heard Shaun Browne speak about evolving trends in base metal supply and prices. But skeptics in the audience – and there are bound to be at least one or two – would probably have raised their eyebrows and questioned whether what Browne had to say made sense!

Is there truth in the type of predictions that speakers at such events make? Can we really trust the assessments of Shawn Browne or other panelists at such forums?

Can Browne Really Tell The Future?

Most leading economists and global financial analysts agree that the world is currently in the throes of an economic cycle like we’ve never before experienced. If we are in uncharted territory, how can anyone therefore tell what the future holds? Yet some analysts believe that they can:

  • At the LME seminar Shawn Browne noted “Asia and China will continue to dominate the demand and production landscape over the next decade…”
  • He also predicted that the cyclical improvements seen in the West today “…will not be offset by the maturing East…”
  • And his thesis is that the shifts in base metal prices today are a paradigm shift, and not part of what some believe is a super cycle

While his detractors may strongly disagree with everything he says, the truth is closer to what Browne predicts. Recent economic data out of China and the U.S. clearly confirms the paradigm that Shawn speaks of.

Is It Worth Listening To Browne?

Mining executives, investors in the Oil & gas and commodities sector and others wishing to build their fortune in base metals, steel and the bulk commodity sector would do well to attend a Shawn Browne event.  As Chairman of the AME group, Browne has been at the helm of the organization for over two decades, sharing his insights with business and industry leaders whenever he takes to the podium.

His talk sessions are often packed to capacity because of the invaluable information and experience he brings to a panel. If all that he did was blow smoke and produce no substance, it is hardly likely that he and his colleagues would be leaders in an otherwise extremely competitive global business. When Browne speaks it is well worth listening!

Building Your Personal Fortune  

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