The Shocking Truth About How Much It Truly Costs To Build A Website

The Shocking Truth About How Much It Truly Costs To Build A Website

WARNING: Most Website Builders Will Rip You Off And Over-Charge You To Build A Website. Read this to learn all about the lies web designers like to tell you about the costs. Save a fortune!

So How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website? Really?


Actually, a lot less than you think. In fact, almost anyone can build a website themselves that is on-par with the quality of website that any Bachelor Degree Website Designer will be able to produce. Except the cost is practically nothing.


In fact, in as little as 20 minutes you can register and setup a website yourself that is essentially the exact same quality that a $2000-$4000 website will be. And, you can learn how to do that absolutely for free by clicking here to watch my detailed step by step training video on the subject.

Lies Web Designers Like To Tell You About How Much It Costs To Build A Website


Web designers and programmers sometimes need to tell lies to their clients in order to earn more. This is their strategy. Most of the time, they will tell you that the deliverables you want is really difficult to do and accomplish, hence, they will need more time to work on it. If they need more time, that means, you need to pay for their time, so it will incur additional money. Another lie that web designers tell you is that the platform or plugin you want is expensive, hence, you will need to give them more additional money to buy it.

That is completely wrong and untrue. You can always create your own website easily, without cost. Watch this free video to know about it.

7 Things You Trusted Website Builder Won’t Tell You


1 – They won’t tell you that registering a domain is extremely easy and cheap to do, instead they’ll charge you for it

2 – They won’t tell you that signing up for hosting is extremely easy and cheap to do, instead they’ll charge you for it

3 – They won’t tell you that you can have amazing top-quality hosting for literally a couple of bucks, instead, they like to charge you huge amounts for this and then pocket the difference.

4 – They won’t tell you that you can easily get amazing service and support using the right web hosting provider. With the right host 24/7 support is available and they will service your every need. Instead, website builders like to omit that and charge you a service fee for technical support etc.

5 – They won’t tell you that setting up and managing your website backups is an easy process that anyone can do. Instead, they like to make this out to be really big thing and charge you extra for it

6 – They won’t tell you that they aren’t security professionals… and that they have no idea about how to truly make your website locked down, safe and secure. Instead, they’ll never bring the point up and if you ask they’ll reassure you they know what they are doing.


I’ve been in the IT industry for over a decade, have worked as a security professional specifically with infrastructure security and firewalls, and have been doing Internet Marketing and Online Business for over 5 years, building websites, configuring hosting, setting up WordPress sites etc etc. I’ve worked with many clients and have yet to run across a single website that was setup securely in any shape or form.


7 – They won’t tell you that creating amazing high quality professional grade DESIGN is simple and easy to do. Instead, they’ll make it out to be a big thing and charge you a fortune when in reality changing the design of your website can literally be as easy as 2 seconds and a click.


A  Secret Little-Known Fact That Could Seriously Affect The Cost Of You Bill To Build A Website

You setup a website for extremely cheap with the right provider using special codes and configs. You can learn how to do this for free here. We hand out this information for free just to help people.

So if you would like to discover, literally, how to register a domain and setup a website right now, within 20 minutes – you can watch the step by step video and follow along… you can access that for free by downloading the video by clicking here.

I really sincerely hope that you get a lot of value out of it. If you have any questions or issues with the video, feel free to just post a comment to this page and I’ll help you out J

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