Startling News About What The Real Cost Of Starting A Website ACTUALLY Is.

Startling News About What The Real Cost Of Starting A Website ACTUALLY Is.

You’d be surprised at the lengths some people go to increase the cost of starting a website, just so they can charge you a bucket load to line their pockets. Well, here’s the real truth.


What Is The Cost Of Starting A Website?

I find it unbelievable how much some companies/people try to charge to build a website for others. I’ve seen costs quoted up into the thousands. Serious quotes of $2000-$4000 just for a fricken website.


It’s ridiculous.

You pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to web designers and programmers and they make it for like months and months, depending on the deliverables you want. They will also charge additional fees for plugins, platforms and whatnots. How can you start your online business when you need to pay more than a thousand for a single website? All you want to do is to earn money and you’d get ripped off by these programmers? Is there any other way that you can have your website easily, hassle free and without those big fees? Read on.

Cost Of Website Explained

Let me break it down for you in simple terms. These are the costs of a website:


1- Domain name

2- Web hosting

3- Website platform

4- Content

5- Design

6 – Legals/Disclaimers

7- Bells and whistles, if you so desire


Literally the costs for ALL of this, the REAL cost for starting a website actually is in the 2 digit number area… ie… less than $99… And THAT’S a fucking expensive website. (excuse my language)


How To Safely Build A Website For Low Cost Including High Security

In the event that you might want to figure out how to make a site with high security, for fledglings I have delivered this simple orderly feature that shows you the entire procedure. It’s anything but difficult to take after along and free. So on the off chance that you truly need to go and learn, read on and know the orderly process by watching the free video I have made so all the work is done for you.

All you have to do is click here and you’ll be directed to the free video, no email marketing and no hidden charges. Just click and watch.

The Quickest Way To Build A Website For Very Cheap

By far the most amazingly fastest and simplest way to build a website for very cheap is to simply tap into the free training video I provide. You can download that right now for free by clicking here.


This is easy to follow, step by step – anyone can do it. You can have a website up and running for literally less than the cost of lunch. And you’ll save yourself hundreds (probably thousands) of dollars by avoiding all the common pitfalls, newbie mistakes, killer “gotchas” and stuff that the sharks out there use to make a grab at your wallet.

Practical Steps Anyone Can Take To Lower The Starting Costs Of A Website Building Project


First, of course you need to research about it. Research better (and cheaper) domain and hosting providers. Compare and compare their packages, freebies especially their tech support because you will always need those supports.

Or, you can just make it all easier and just click here to watch my free vide discussing all the answers to your questions.

How To Build A World Class Website With A Very Low Cost

Simply click here to download and access your instructional training video showing you step by step how to register and setup your own world-class website at an extremely low cost. I’m talking practically NOTHING.


The first and only cost is getting a domain name ($10) and getting some hosting ($10) and from then on in it’s pretty much free, free, free… and um… free.


Worst case scenario you might have to pay $5 to someone on to make a pretty picture for you. If you so desire. But, there’s ways to simply get these for free (ever heard of Google images?)

Click Here To Receive Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Free Books, Courses and Seminar Tickets.

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