Steve Douglas On Property Ownership and Investing

Are you a newbie in real estate industry? Or are you a first time property buyer and investor? Finding it hard where to look for the best property spot in Australia? Have you already considered both sides when investing in property? All these inquiries are not new to anyone because this is what others have felt too. Know more all about these with Steve Douglas.

Then, join this next free seminar on Property Ownership and Investing-Looking at Both Sides of the Coin. If you are one of those property enthusiast who have experienced property ownership to be a nightmare, then this could be a good venue for you to find answers to your worries. T

he Perth market is moving up once again and the prices are also increasing. It seems hard to buy a property but when you join this free seminar, this could be easy for you later on.

Join us with our guest speaker Steve Douglas and discover what are the steps that you need to take to find the best property and expand your current portfolio.

Who is Steve Douglas?

He is the co-founder and managing director of Australasian Taxation Services (ATS) and Chairman of SMATS Group.  He is well known speaker when it comes to Australian property market. He founded the in 2005. This is the leading site that provides information for internationally based Australian property investors that has 100,000 members.

He is the author of the book, “The Australian Expat-The Luckiest Person on Earth”. This is considered to be one of the concise reference for Australian expatriate tax planning and financial management. He also established the which is the leading online source of expatriates, investors and migrants all over the world who are seeking for quality independent information on the Australian property market and legal, tax and other financial issues that they experience.

He is a well-known public speaker and has been doing a lot of presentations on Australian property taxation planning and general market trend across the globe. He presented on behalf of industry organizations and developers and investors on how they can benefit from the taxation laws all about property investment.

He has also been featured in different articles such as the South China Morning Post, Singapore Business Times, Australian Entrepreneur Magazine, Benchmark, Western Australia Property & Investment and Property Link.

Know more about him when you attend this upcoming seminar. It is wise to meet him first before you invest in any real estate and other properties in Australia. You will be given expert advices on how to handle taxation, laws and other issues relating to property investment.

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