Steve Killelea – Can IT Entrepreneurs Inspire Wealth Creation?

Steve Killelea started his career as an IT professional, developing software for a computer manufacturer.  So can an audience attending a Killelea event really learn a lot about creating wealth and building a personal fortune? What can someone really learn about building wealth from a person who spends a large part of his time giving away his own wealth?

Where Is The Value?

Unlike the popular myth about “IT millionaires”, not everyone associated with the IT industry succeeded in making it big. The bubble is proof that many IT start-ups failed to deliver the promise of enormous wealth to shareholders. But there are a few exceptions:

  • Steve Killelea successfully started a US tech company, Software Products, that later went public
  • His next company, Integrated Research, is successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and its software is now in use in over 50 countries, including 35% of Global 1000 companies
  • Steve has been a long-standing board member for several prestigious public and private organizations, including Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), IIBAB, NICTA and the CSIRO

These accolades alone will guarantee an audience that when they hear Steve Killelea speak about creating and using wealth, they are in fact listening to first-hand accounts on the subject. Even the most ardent critics can’t deny that!

Will Killelea Make You a Millionaire?

Attending a Steve Killelea workshop or seminar does not guarantee that one will instantaneously become a millionaire overnight. But this world renowned Australian philanthropist, whose mission is now focused on creating global peace through business, can provide invaluable nuggets of information for aspiring millionaires to start down the path of creating their personal fortunes.

Often, audience members need just a few tips about the strategy and tactics of wealth creation, and a real-life role model to influence their own actions. And participants in a Killelea event will receive both those elements in spades. How they choose to use that information to create their fortunes, and ultimately use that wealth, rests entirely upon each individual.

Getting Inspired To Create Wealth

There’s no doubt that the Steve Killelea story has inspired many an entrepreneurial spirit to sore and become rich. Equally though, Killelea has been the motivating force for many of the world’s affluent to part with some of their wealth in helping the less fortunate of the world. But the question remains: How does one create wealth for themselves in the first place?

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