Stuart Zadel Property Seminar – Scam Or Real Deal?

You may have heard of the Stuart Zadel Property Seminar and be wondering if it’s the real deal or not. To find out our honest opinion, read this review.

There are many different wealth creation and property seminars all over Australia. Sadly, most of them are junk. Me and my mates have attended so many different property seminars over the years and probably only 1 or 2 stand out as really actually having any high value.

I’ll cut to the chase and say that Stuart Zadel’s Property Seminar is actually one that is worth attending. If you’re interested then read my reasons why, or if you would like to see the description on Stuart’s Website click here.

Property Seminars That Hock Negative Geared Property SUCK

If you have spent even 5 minutes in the property game in Australia you’ll have heard of the “good old” buy and hold strategies – and I say good old with a massive amount of tongue in cheek.

You know the ones… They tell you to suit up in debt and buy a negative geared property, claim all the deductions and payments on tax against your bloated salary and have the tenant and tax man pay for most of the house. Then the capital growth will increase and sooner or later (well, actually very very later) you’ll be able to cash out and live the life of your dreams.

Most of the property seminars going around will teach you this strategy, all the ins and outs, how to draw on equity, how to get setup so you are protected, how to do your research properly and blah blah blah. Then after making it look all very very hard they say:

“Oh my, but we have a brand new development that you can build a brand new house on, and it’s in the perfect spot and meets all the criteria I have taught you to search for, and you can buy it from us and we’ll take care of everything…..!”

And they hock you property.

Stuart Zadel’s Property Seminar Is Different – And Better!

Stuart Zadel’s property seminar is not at all like this. It is a Property Entrepreneurs Conference and is more focused on fast value building activities that create money and capital. It’s the opposite of buy and hold and in my opinion it’s much better.

The information taught in the seminar was so useful that me and my friend were able to go out and take immediate action. From this my mate now owns a positive cashflow property that has grown in $40,000 equity, but that’s another story…

*Update – my mate’s property is actually under contract from a property developer who is buying his house and 2 next to it (one next to it and the one behind it). He is getting $550,000 for his place which he paid $400,000 for in October 2010. He didn’t put much down originally with the home-owner grant and all and is looking to take about a pure $200,000 profit… from a property that has been putting $50 a week into his pocket the whole time as it was positively geared. That’s what I call making money with property, and it was all because of Stuart Zadel’s Property Entrepreneur Conference!

The premise behind the book “Think And Grow Rich Property” was great. But now Stuart has released his “The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast” book you can take any of the strategies and implement them and you could be financially free within 5 years – and with property its more like being a millionaire in 5 years.

The best part is, Stuart will never hock you property or try to sell you that BS. In fact, all he will give you is the hard truth and cold facts about what you need to do to succeed right now in property. He’s got his finger on the pulse of the property market around Australia and has a team of experts who are all kicking ass and taking names in the property game.

Instead of telling you all of the specific things in the seminar you can just read them from his site here: click here to see what you learn at the property seminar.

All in all, if you are wondering whether Stuart Zadel’s Property Seminar is the real deal or not – it definitely is. Is it worth attending – yes. Will you learn more than at other property seminars – most definitely. It definitely IS NOT just a scam to hock you negative geared property developments.

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One thought on “Stuart Zadel Property Seminar – Scam Or Real Deal?

  1. Ella

    Hello Stuart,

    I attended one of your master mind sessions and was so inspired that I’m in the planning stages of my second book “The Secret Rules of the Property Game”. I would like to write about you, Cheri Barber, Rick Otton, Steve McKnight and others. I look forward to your response and hope to get your thoughts on this exciting project.




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