Stuart Zadel Review – Who Is Stuart Zadel?

Want an honest and detailed review on Stuart Zadel? Look here to learn who Stuart Zadel is, what he does and the seminars he runs.

Stuart Zadel is an Australia Entrepreneur from Sydney. He specializes in wealth creation education which he does through the many books he has authored and the seminars he runs all over Australia.

Stuart is a high selling national author of many titles including:

– Think and Grow Rich Property (now in its 3rd edition)
– Think and Grow Rich Cashflow
– Think and Grow Rich Internet

Stuart is a down to earth Aussie who teaches in a very honest and upfront style. He definitely isn’t scared of speaking the truth and it’s very clear – through his teaching and seminars – that he is dedicated to living, speaking and running his business with the utmost integrity.

Unlike a lot of other wealth creation seminars and ‘experts’ I have attended and learned from, Stuart goes into a lot of depth of the fundamental and crucial principles of wealth creation. He doesn’t waste time with hype or glossing things up and you don’t leave his training with a sugar coated view of the world.

Personally I appreciate complete upfront honesty in a person.

Stuart has a very inspirational speaking style which is very interesting to listen to. He is an excellent story teller, cracks jokes left right and center (half of which are good, half of which are so bad they are good) and teaches through a very interactive/transformational style.

Don’t expect to be able to sit up the back playing with your iPhone or Crackberry in one of Stuart’s seminars.

The seminars Stuart holds often change in name and content frequently as he is constantly staying on top of the newest and most successful wealth creation strategies that are working right now in Australia. He has held seminars ranging from Property to Internet, Business and Cashflow, to Marketing and all in between.

Currently the last round of the Stuart Zadels Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference 2014 are running. Click here to see his website for more details.

I’ve been to multiple Property Entrepreneurs Conferences held by Stuart Zadel. The information that is taught is always up to date and extremely high quality. It’s also very exclusive as Stuart seems to be at the breaking edge of wealth creation and building wealth through property.

A favorite thing of mine is that at the seminars that I went to Stuart went so far as to reveal personal property deals he was implementing including locations, strategies, time-frames, work done, costs, profits – the whole jig. He pretty much layed out everything on the table, saying ‘this is what is working now and this is how to do it’ and then shows you ‘see look, I’m doing it here, it cost me this much to get in, I’m making this much profit’ etc. For me that built a lot of trust.

*Note – The current line up consists of 6 experts

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