How To Support Your Liver during Your Detox Journey.



Hey did You  know the Liver is responsible for hundreds of body functions,such as processing poisons and regulating and balancing sugar,hormone,and cholesterol levels.

If your on a detox then it has the added responsibility to neutralise,filter,and eliminate toxins before they re-enter your blood-stream and  can result in greater illness.

Because of this your liver needs greater support during the cleans so here are some nutrients that help to stimulate better liver function and will encourage the flushing out of toxins that are released into your bloodstream during your cleansing.

There are supportive vitamins and minerals as well as plant extracts described below and are commonly found in supplement form while there are others such as sulfur that can be obtained from food sources.Here are some primary nutrients you should insure your body has upon cleansing.

Health And cleanse At Hand.

Milk thistle: the compound silymarin that is found in the seed of milk thistle promotes the synthesis of glutathione,a powerful antioxidant crucial to detoxification by reducing the toxic load of free radicals in the liver during a cleans.Look for milk thistle at your local health for store,especially one with 70 to 80 percent standardised silymarin.Its good to aim for around 300mg each day during the first week as well as during week 3 and 4 and its ok to take the tablets on an empty stomach.

Dandelion root:This next herb is wondrous commonly found in capsule and tea form and has incredible cleansing power.When it is used for liver health it increases bile production which aids in moving toxins out of the body.It also contains many of the micronutrients required for cleansing such as magnesium,calcium,and vitamin C.During the first cleansing week sip 1 cup(235ml) of organic Dandelion root tea one to two times a day.As Dandelion is also a diuretic,drink 1cup of water for each cup of dandelion tea.

Vitamins B6 and B3 (niacin):These essential B vitamins must be present in the liver to convert carbohydrates into energy,In the middle of a cleanse effective carbohydrates synthesis is vital.As well as consuming B vitamin rich foods like cauliflower,berries,stone fruits,root vegetables ,nutritional yeast,spirulina,cabbage and spinach .

Utilize Natures Source Of Good Health

Other vital nutrients are important at the end stages of a cleans and they include Probiotics,sulferamino acids of glutamine and lysine,and glutathione.Its important to look these up your self latter I will include another post with information on these as well as the importance of a raw diet for maximum benefit.

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