The Australian Property Institute And Property Related Events

Are you familiar with the Australian Property Institute? Get to know up close with them when you attend some of their conferences and other events in line for property investors.

Who is the API?

The Australian Property Institute only delivers all property related events, seminars and functions annually. They represent almost 8,600 property professionals not only in Australia, but even in other countries. This includes members from residential, commercial, property advisers, analysts, lawyers, researchers and academics.

The institute is a professional industry body thatcomprises of residential, commercial and plant and machinery Valuers, property lawyers and fund managers. They provide certification to its members reflecting their field of expertise. These certifications are required by some of the Australian States that they can use in practice in a specific field. Some of these certifications are:

  • CPV, Certified Practising Valuer
  • CPP, Certified Property Professional
  • CPM, Certified Property Manager
  • CFM, Certified Funds Manager
  • CPD, Certified Property Developer
  • CFacM, Certified Facilities Manager
  • CAM, Certified Asset Manager

They also have publications, namely the Australia &the New Zealand Property Journal, the Professional Practice Manual and Valuation Principles and Practices. Members of the institute are bounded by a code of ethics, rules of conduct and professional practice standards. They also have agreements with the different bodies, including the:

 The API Events

Join them for another conference this year that features an exciting and informative program that deals in the property industry that is specially designed for the property enthusiasts.

With their Conference Steering Committe that only worked to deliver a lineup of speakers that will issues of economics, reforms, investment and other related concerns of property. Delegates will surely be amazed with the sessions by one of Australia’s serving soldiers, Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC, as he presents positive strategies for the Australian Government that brought changes in Australia.

Join also their tour scheduled at Pilabara from May 30 to June 2. This program is packed with different activities all about the development of the new city.This is in collaboration both with the private and government organizations. It delivers opportunities for building key knowledge.

This exciting program is packed with different activities such as the Walking Tour of the Karratha CBD, Tours to Dampier and Cape Lambert plus cultural and networking activities. Attendees will learn all new development of the City including the infrastructure of different industries, towns, communities and current and future planning. They collaborate both with private and government organizations. It is a venue of unparalleledopportunities for building knowledge of the region. Some of the factors to considered are:

•         The tour group size is capped at 50 to ensure the best quality outcomes for all attendees.
•         Limited accommodation is being held
•         Limited flights can be booked through API WA Division’s group booking – tick the box on the registration form to take up this option

The event is limited in accomodation so better contact the office on 9381 7288 or email with any questions.

Don’t be left out, might as well click the registration form here.


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