The Comeback of Dominique Grubisa

Dominique Grubisa has turned into tour de force in the property and commercial industry. While the internet is buzzing with stories of her life and success, not many are aware of the extreme challenges that she and her family had to face during the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009. Her story is that of riches to rags and riches again.

Dominique Grubisa is a writer, educator, practising lawyer and property investor. With such a cornucopia of knowledge and experience, she is transforming the lives of people through her written works and through her various education programs that teach people about real-estate and property management. Today, she is a wildly successful entrepreneur who is gaining more and more financial traction in Australia. She coaches people on wealth creation, business management and financial growth.

Before the advent of the Great Recession, Dominique Grubisa and her husband Kevin Grubisa were enjoying a successful life with a seven-figure business under their belt which involved renovating and selling of real-estate properties. In 2008, their thriving business was crushed by the recession, leaving them in tens of millions of dollars in debt. They had 15 properties under them at the time, and they were working on one of their sites which were being developed for the market. The banks, however, pulled their finances, which stopped them from renting out or building their sites. The couple, with three of their children under the age of five, was rendered homeless, and the family moved into Kevin Grubisa’s parent’s house in the Christmas of 2008.

Rising from the Ashes

During such trying times, Dominique relied on her extensive experience and knowledge as a lawyer, and only through absolute self-interest, went into the unpopular sector of debt law. Through her expertise in the area, she was able to negotiate effectively and get a lot of their debts reduced. As revealed in a statement, this allowed her to “buy some time” and make arrangements with creditors in order to “tread the waters” more carefully. With time, the interest rates were lowered, and the family was able to experience some respite during their financial struggle.

With the lowering of interest rates, Dominique Grubisa and her husband were able to sell some of their properties and were also able to rent out quite a few locations by 2010. During this year, the family was able to move into one of the properties that they were able to retain. By 2011, their financial struggles were finally showing signs of ending, and the family once more became “self-sufficient.” It was only in April 2011 that Dominique stopped worrying about where their next meal was going to come from.

Dominique Grubisa managed to conquer some of the toughest challenges that life had thrown at her. Surviving debt is one of the most difficult things to achieve, and she did it purely through her iron-like determination and a large repository of knowledge and talent. She penned down a self-help book chronicling her battle with debt and even appeared on television to advise people on managing finances when faced with crippling debts. She soon became enormously popular, and thousands of people came to her for advice. She realised that she had finally found her real calling and started helping individuals with their wealth and debt. In her own words, she says that she had no idea that debt was such a widespread issue. She found her true purpose in helping people out of their debt and showing them that it is nothing to be ashamed of. According to her, ‘debt of any kind’ is a temporary problem in cash flow which can be solved.

Future ventures of Dominique Grubisa

Dominique subsequently found her own business, the DG Institute, which offers consultancy on wealth creation and management, debt and legal matters. Her business has only soared higher through the years with its current value at “tens of millions of dollars.” The couple has also made a comeback in the property investment and management sector. Over the course of time, Dominique has held and sold properties worth over $50 million in total. She has also established two more firms by the name AIM in Singapore, which is a one-stop-shop to learn anything and everything about real estate and property investments in Australia, and IPI, which serves institutional investors who are in search of real estate properties.

This is not the first time that Dominique had to struggle with harsh realities. Not many are aware, but law was not the first choice of career for Dominique. Her heart was in theatre and acting. When she couldn’t make her acting dreams come true, she didn’t back down. Today, she is a business leader and one of the most popular educators in Australia thanks to her fighting spirit and indomitable heart.

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