Stuart Zadel’s Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference Reviewed

The Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference is an Australia wide wealth creation seminar is quite possibly the best in the country. Read the review yourself.

The Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs & Investors Conference is run by Stuart Zadel of Zadel Property Education. The company has been running seminars for over 7 years. Previously the seminars have been named all slightly different versions like Property Investors Seminars etc.

The Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference runs all around the country over the year. You can check when the next one is coming up in your city by clicking here.

The Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs Conference runs for two days over a Saturday and Sunday.

You will learn a massive amount of wealth creation strategies. Stuart teaches you his personal secrets to creating wealth in any vehicle and then expert property speakers will share insights into the ins and outs of specific property strategies. The website here explains everything a lot better, but you will learn all of the best property investment areas, how to finance property, how to renovate property and develop property, how to structure your assets – everything.

The style of the speaker Stuart Zadel is a very inspiring style. Stuart is down to earth and from the beginning tells it like it is holding nothing back. He tells great stories and teaches through a transformation style. You remember what he says because the words impact you so much.

The content presented in the seminar is of top quality. It is exclusive content you will not likely find anywhere else. Stuart says himself ‘You’ll never find the same range of experts in the same room”

The sessions run from 90 to 120 mins. There is a lunch break and multiple ‘pit-stops’ that last 20 mins. The seminars run to 7 or 8 or even 9pm depending on how much content everyone is giving and giving. Most times people try to speak to Stuart and the other speakers directly (which is completely ok) so they spend extra time answering questions. It’s a great learning environment and is very intense.

The venue quality of the Ultimate Property Entrepreneurs & Investors Conference is always great.

Stuart puts extra time into acquiring top notch facilities and often provides tea and coffee. The seminars were getting bigger and bigger, filling up rooms of literally hundreds of people. But the venues are very strict on how many people they can take, so getting tickets and getting a seat is first come- first served.

You can get free tickets to this event to secure your sear. But don’t think that this can be done tomorrow or the next day – these seminars book out month and months in advance. If required, I would pay hundreds to attend… but you should be able to get free tickets by clicking here.


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