Do You Have Time To Work On An Online Business?

Often it is stated, “If I had more time then I could do even more to succeed in my online business?” The remedy is not obtaining even more time – all of us have the exact same amount of time. The trick is to utilize all the daily time we do have, and make it function better for us. (Or outsource the task to someone else… though we’ll cover that in another post).

Also, if you assume you do not have time to handle anything else, you’d be amazed to uncover the amount of time you’re really throwing away throughout the day. You could actually begin working on your internet business whether you hold a full-time job or not.

Often when it involves beginning an online business, lots of people have the psychological image that it’s all in or absolutely nothing – that in order to be their very own employer, they need to start, stop their day job and place all their energy into constructing an online internet business.

If you really want to make it happen, keep your day job while you work on introducing and increasing your online business tasks. Whilst you’re building your online business in your spare time, your day job will enable you to still earn an income and cover your daily living expense (and your initial & recurring online expenses).

The secret is to still maintain daily momentum and daily action on building your online business, for example you could invest time in your business by:

  • Rising an hour or two earlier
  • Utilize time during your lunch hour
  • Study and learn whilst commuting on public transport
  • Listen to relevant audio training whilst driving
  • Reduce time in front of the TV, and spend a couple of productive hours at night
  • Allocate time blocks over the weekend

Essentially, with an online business, wherever you have an online connection and a suitable device such as a smart-phone, Tablet, iPad or PC, you’ll be able to manage your online business from anywhere.

You may feel overwhelmed and still feel time poor, however if you continue to focus on daily tasks and stick with it, you will start to see positive results and create personal satisfaction and income. And through these actions and real focus on your online business, you’ll be on the path to fulfilling your personal and business dreams.

And if one of your dreams includes leaving your current ‘day’ job, and the 40 plus hours trading your time for money and building someone else’s dreams… imagine the feeling when you have built your own successful online business and it’s providing you with a solid, recurring and passive income… you’ll be in a position to actually sack the boss!

Though a word of caution, you must stay totally focused on making the best use of your time and fixated on the end goal of building a successful online business. And remember very few online marketers have success overnight. When people talk about not trading time for money through the internet and an online business, essentially what they’re are really talking about is realigning the relationship between time and money; that is, how much time for how much money.

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